When the March update comes and OPR

Is still GA/IG/Infamy. I’m out.

Too long.


You can alrdy take the door :door:

It’s going to be BB/IG. GA/IG IG/FS Rapier/Musket

Mainly BB/IG. That shits going to be insanely op. They nerfed BB initial damage, so maybe it isn’t as good but when I was on PTR, good fucking luck. Think IG users are annoying now? Just wait til they can do half your health with 1 ability and 2 attacks with a get away along with IG CC.

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They sit there doing good damage, you come up? Shower, wall, switch to BB slow net away, and AOE bomb tf out your team.

If the BB can do +12k damage combos to 200 con heavy players like it can on the PTR I think it will be a major blow to new world pvp. I think a lot of people will take a break.

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That time of the month?

Don’t worry it probably will happen and then all you GA/IG tryhards can fight each other.

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They really do need to be faster with these fixes… February they were supposed to fix desync. Still here.

I understand there’s a lot that needs worked on but prioritization is key.

Most games fix big issues fast, this one has had the same.big issues forever.

Desync is a big issue. Managers should put certain things on hold and put a huge focus on fixing the desync. Once it’s fixed, resume normal operations.

Yeah I think they can fix desync as well as they can balance.

Last update for me, wasted my time on this game.

Thanks AGS never again, unless you shift your corporate focus.

just wait for the gravity well mortar sync dumps… it’s gonna be funny…


Yeah might watch it. I’m done for now.

AoE CC with a desync Dex bow character is too much.


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