When we get water and ships?

Are there any plans to add ships and naval pvp in a foreseeable future?

planned for being implemented right after flying mounts :ok_hand:

Archeage with NW pvp mechanics would be the perfect game

I would hope we get Swimming before ships.

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There’s No need for swimming when they add Sharks First.

ArcheAge… that game had many great design elements. Too bad it was poorly managed into the grave. Was it Trion? P2W cash shop with ‘gambling’, horrible company.

A lot of the SK MMOs have very cool mechanics. In ArcheAge ships and gliding, it was great. Aion had solid flying combat, loved that. But they always have such a terrible grind… why can’t MMOs just be fun anymore? All these nutters saying stuff like ‘you have to work for it’ ‘you need to earn it’… lol. Its a game! I work when I work, I game when I want to have fun, haha.

As for OP, the answer is never. Mounts have a remote possibility if NW lasts long enough.

In archeage grind was very fun. No other mmo can even come close to that.

The issue was not the gameplay, which I enjoyed a lot.

The issue was the time commitment. Long Grinds = players leaving and no new players.

SK players seem to accept it and enjoy it but NA players leave in droves. And yes, I was in the library and got the books lol, I even went back at 2 fresh starts. In fact the first 3-4 months were always great.

I serioiusly wouldn’t hold your breath for this. I’m not saying that to be a wise guy.

Adding ships and naval combat would be a whole new system that would be a MAJOR update to the game. Something that involved and detailed could take months if not a year or more to conceive and develop.

AGS has its hands full with just stabilizing the game they’ve got and adding things like dungeon and quest content.

A naval feature would be soemthing far, far down on the AGS’ list of priorities.

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