When we move our character

I can’t seem to find the answer but when we are able to move our character, will all of our progress transfer over? Like everything we’ve accumulated and areas we’ve explored?

I have a feeling they will release the info prior to, or the day of, the server transfers. Probably with a dialogue box of “hey here’s the deal on moving your character if you want.”

There is going to be more information addressing Server Transfers coming out later this week.

Keep your eyes on our official channels and newworld.com for when that information is released!

bro, i wouldnt count on progress, some loot, or faction level transfering.

Be lucky if you get your character transfered to a low pop server.

those thinking they can xfer to a “high-pop” server to be with their buds…lmfao…

just reroll on low pop server, stop waiting on Amazon. they are buried in technical problems.

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