When will character creation be active?

i want to play in Crassus with my friends. This server a fresh start i cant move my character. When will character creation be active?

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At the moment the server Crassus is completely full and creation of new characters is unavailable.

As long as the server remains full, creating new characters won’t be possible. So, if you are looking for creating a character in here, you need to wait until the server’s population reduces a bit.

In the meantime, you can enjoy New World by playing in a different server.

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how offen do u check the servers? bec of what New World Server Status - Player Count and Population says then the player count been under 2k sins 11/7 and still is… so u are just have a lock on it for the hope of returning players ?

even tho the merge happend today there is still only NEER 1200 ppl online atm

Uh. The server he asks for barely passes 1k peaks. tick tock…WAKE UP

Edit: Ahh it was also merged today. Maybe that triggered auto-lock? It still won’t reach anything close to “COMPLETELY FULL and creation of new characters is unavailable.” So you might as well unlock it asap.

are you sure?

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@Luxendra can u help us? we need the more than a bot message.



All world merge destinations are now unblocked for Character Creation following the validation of a successful merge from earlier this morning. If already ingame, you may need to select the “refresh” button from the world selection menu. Enjoy!


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