When will the servers be open for transfer? Mydgard, Barry, Vega

I have been waiting for the servers to open for the subsequent transfer for more than a week. I have to play on a dead Rocabarra server.

Would love to know as well… Most of the people I know are in Barri and I’m stuck on Amenti… :confused:

Hey, I am waiting for the opening too … or at least more merges … Hellheim is pretty dead too …

Midgard is actually not locked right now, Evonium is the third EU one. Dry Tree is also available and similar pop to the locked ones. But it might be a moot point. My company moved to a high pop server that got locked, and it’s dying now like Eden did. There was a dev post earlier saying no more transfers too, so they need to come up with a better solution than just shuffling people around and locking up servers.

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