When will we have a item/perk that reduces all outgoing/incoming healing

Ive been literally playing OPR(Outpost Rush) Daily now and thats the only thing todo in this game honestly besides perma water farming for 600 and getting crafting up. End game is literally pvp. I’m a 592 GS with 10k PVP player kills. Why is there no Item/perk to reduce healing? Its a PVP game not a 1 sided game. I like the fact theres literally counter to everything in the game BESIDES healing. why is that? Why do you guys favoritism the healing so much?

A guy in OPR can wear a ANY medium set (weight) and Solo 1 v 5 on point not die… Why? haha you guessed it!! The armor buff ++ the healing & don’t forget the Void gaunlet :D. Why is there no perk? why is there no food/ item to reduce incoming healing? There’s only 1 PERK in the game and its on the hatchet and its dogwater. why? Like you your fan base went from 942k to 81k… I wonder why? Playing a unfair game is well done to me!!. FIX IT. GIVE A PERK OR SOMETHING TO REDUCE HEALING EVEN FREAKING LEAGUE OF LEGENDS HAVE IT AND YOU GUYS DONT LFMAOOOOOOO BRO YOU GOT ONLY 12 WEAPONS TO BALANCE AND YOU GUYS CANT EVEN DO THAT HAHAHAHA. Keep it up, your game 100% dying by Elden ring!!

recently people start using the infected throw from the hatchet more in OPR.
I said that weeks before, but well…
small -30% heal aoe for some seconds.
needs a buff maybe

I actually typed in all of the detailed information about certain numbers for healing in 1.1, but then realised what a waste it’d be to post all of that into a topic like that, so… I’ll just leave you with numbers and the final pro-tip for all of your problems Pickingboogers.

Here we go!

-20%, -10%, -20%, +5%/10%, -30%, -50%.

There you go.
And as an attempt to be helpful towards someone in a seemingly bad situation like you are OP, here’s my final pro-tip to solve all you problems.

Git gud mate.

First of all Im not changing my build just to put on a hatchet just todo 1 skill. It needs to be a either a passive affect or a food buff like I said. You gotta be mental.

I can see you’re a healer don’t think any problems with healing cuz you love dick riding the meta. But let me tell you these % you listed doesn’t mean shit when you got the Void gaunt+ the life staff. + Lemme see you going 16-1 with the bow + rapier with 680k+ dmg. You got 0 skill typing to me like you’re something when you can’t even carry a OPR or even get 500k+ dmg. Sad life 2k has become.

same time when firestaffs are rebuffed


tbh killcount in OPR is meaningless since the highest kd’s are usually just stealing downed kills. I’ve had like 3 kills with 900k damage before in OPR and carrying wins but everyone just hits the knocked. other times I’ve had 20-0 300k dmg cause I just steal kills to pad. Rly stupid system.

Welcome to New World’s endgame where all you do is grind or put up with pvers/afkers in PvP matches.

probably some devs plays healers. Same why gaxe and hammer are so op. because devs are playing them…

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cant blame anyone for afking in OPR after this horrendous patch

OP, take a look at the perk for the Voidgauntlet scream. It reduces healing by 50% for 10sec. It is also an aoe so perfect counter to healers. Also the oblivion perk is pretty much a kill switch for healers as it cancels out sacred ground

Like I said, you spam meta, I don’t. I play the bow + rapier before it was buffed. You’re a meta spammer I’m not. Please don’t talk to me like we’re even because were not.

They need to make it so if you afk more than 3 mins you’re kicked out cuz its crazy how many people afk after getting like 1-2 kills. So cringe.

i play firestaff/rapier in light armor my dude what are you on about. I wasn’t attacking you and you weren’t responding to me I was JS kills in OPR are meaningless.

You’re literally a Sigma male mindset confirmed. Cringe

rofl what? you ok? I can’t tell if you’re trying to insult me or what

There are two. Infected throw and putrifying scream. And the latter is REALLY good

If you don’t want to use a hatchet or void gauntlet then that’s up to you but you can’t really say that there is none.

Yeah thats good for the void gaunlet but the problem is why is there only 2 weapons with skill? Reducing healing… Why couldn’t every other weapons have it? Why fav 2 weapons on this? Its literally stupid but ty I learnt that Void gaunt also have a reduction skill while they gain healing + armor + fortify for being a circle. Amazing :D.

True I just learnt there is void gauntlet w the skill but thats stupid how only 2 weapons have it and thats a nice favoritism by the development team…

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