When will you FIX the Hatchet Exploits?

If someone learns about a bug, and then actively uses it for their advantage, that person is exploiting.

Because it’s useless not to…
As long as there are exploits, there will be exploiters. Only devs can do something about it and their list of major/critical bugs list isn’t really short. They seem lost in all this.

A bug is not an exploit. :slight_smile: and yeah i’ll use it for mine own because i’m a healer and my hatchet is crafted with a 24 Focus roll so i don’t care about it. if i’m in a group i can’t use and i won’t use it. if i play solo then why not? i don’t boost anyone just myself as long as i can life without healing. They know about it, hopefully they fix it in this week if not… it has no priority.

Of course a bug is not an exploit. If they were the same thing, we wouldn’t have two separate words. The action of you using a known bug to gain an advantage is when you yourself exploit.

Jeah but than tell me how are you going to tell who is using it on purpose and who isn’t?
Do i need to read all forum posts to know how to play the game without “expoiting” what if someone doesn’t know about it just likes the damage numbers they see and doesn’t give it a second though? Tell me how are you deciding who to bann and who not to ban?
Do you wanna bann all Hatchet players all together? Or all Tanks? Or everyone that uses a GA?

You wouldn’t know, that is why a fix is needed if it’s not intended. When someone comes onto the forums and openly states they are actively using this awesome new bug that is giving them this massive gain, they just walked into the police station or court room and admitted they are a Flordia man.

This is absoluty bullshit. People wont be banned for using the hatchet including That exploit. However, till this will get fixed the wars should stop instantly. Thats not a fair war for cities.

Pve doesnt matter in my opinion. But in PvP !


Game is currently unplayable due to Hatchet and Fire/Life staff machinegun exploits. It should be shut down and fixed asap to prevent from massive bug abuse.

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Just Play the Game.

why should nw fix anything in this game?

Did they add the fist as new weapon class yet? :wink::joy:

people are quick to say you know how many lawyers would get involved, like they didn’t agree to the terms of service that they could be banned for any reason ags sees fit lol. nobody just all the sudden doesn’t switch weapons a single time for hours before this bug don’t fool yourself.

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Doubt they’re going to do anything, maybe the speed macros would get you in trouble in pvp. But if they didn’t ban people for hatchet/ice gauntlet godmode in wars, it would be odd to ban for a bugged perk.

I see your point, but it is interesting how much newfound love there is for hatchets in wars now. Everyone just seems to be a hatchet player now for some reason … :smiley:

People suddenly became so dumb or what? No one was main hatchet, then suddenly all exploiters are hatchet only on pvp. Who is abusing the bug is a exploiter and should be banned.

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When will this be fixed please?

It’s been fixed. There you go.

Not fixed yet. Patch is planned for 3:00 pm CEST

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