When will you make more feminine store skins?

Im tired of the bulky shoulderpads, broad/flat chests, turtlenecks, saggy pants, massive straps/belts all over

90% of the armor in the game was designed for the male character model. Its not even a debate right now, just look at them. The colours are masculine too. I’m not asking for skimpy, exposure, or anything out of ordinary, just more diversity. Look around. You may have less female playerbase, but theres more people playing on the female character models than male.

I’m asking for form fitting like: robin hood (or the red equivalent which again, are unironically inspired by a male figure). Or runic fox. Or Fool for Love (but maybe omit the goofy hat)

LOOK at the store armor:

^ my character does NOT look female at all.
I always end up diverting back to these three:



Lets not talk about the saggy-chest skin with a skirt piece that looks like a dong:

I want just want some lighter colours, less broad/bulky chests, softer materials, wide collars/exposed collarbones, etc


The thing about a majority of these types of clothes is they look perfectly fine when worn by the male character model. Except a few with cups for the female chest. But even then is that not fair? Theres plenty of male armor that makes the female model look like a male. Heaven forbid it happen from-time to time with a female skin when worn by a male.

The game currently lacks any personal expression for female players.
I feel like my choices are so limited and yet ive bought every skin.


  • at least ONE feminine skin released with every skin-batch … you release 3 each time, how is there not 1 feminine one since valentines??
  • armor that doesnt clip badly with longer hairstyles

Also please, let us dye store skins. Add a ‘magical dye pack’ which has 5 dyes in it. These dyes can only dye store skins. It costs $10 per pack. You can choose any colour in the game with this dye.

a whole batch of skins for your SUMMER EVENT… all designed for dudes.
Literally all 3 skins… designed for males.
This is an event that comes once a year and you dont make a single feminine one?

This sucks??
Why could we not have added just one like this:

Its not that hard


Well, historically, heavy armor didn’t have “boobs”, because the way the chest was built, there was already a space between the body and the surface of the armor. But leather and cloth armor could be more adjusted to the body.


there is magic in this game, idk if we should care about that much about historical accuracy in a fantasy game lol


I mentioned this because the Devs have already used this argument for the design of the skins, now that they are more “fanciful” with the skins.

the point is not accuracy. Its about looking feminine in my armor.

We’re not receiving protection from the skins so whether or not its ‘true to real armor’ doesn’t matter. We use skins everywhere… when chilling in town, gathering plants, etc so why can’t it look good or be purely cosmetic? This is the first 3rd person game where i genuinely think we (our characters) look boring as hell. And I’m not talking about glitter, magic, or whatever! I’m talking about customization and preferences. Expression. I hate most of the colours they use on their skins, especially the colour combos they choose. Yellow and blue? Orange and green? Purple and murky brown? Not a fan. The breastplate for female armor would be perfectly okay/acceptable on game-armor and they already added a version in the game except its not a skin so we can’t wear it!

My point is:
They’ve added a skin with conches on it. Its not historical at all. It makes you look like a fish. Theres ones that make you look like dragons, and ones that make you look like a skeleton.

But making armor for the female body that shows their form is suddenly crossing the ‘realism’ line?

I just don’t buy it.

We don’t go into battle dressed like Robin Hood. We don’t go into battle dressed like a fish. Or a jester. Or court marshal. Its all just cosmetic! Why can’t I look like a lady if the armor is just cosmetic? Why is that breaching the lines? LOL

There was plenty of ‘purely cosmetic’ armor sets in the past, and one for men had a built in lump of metal protruding between their legs… If you know what I mean.
And thus purely cosmetic female armor isn’t that far fetched.

I don’t think that should be reason enough to completely prevent adding heavy cosmetic female armor variations


The real problem here for those who are not aware, is that there is one 1 (yes really, only 1) character avatar, and it’s a male model.

This means NO clothing in the game is going to look “right” until the devs create a female avatar.

I am 55 years old and have been gaming since my early 20’s. This is the ONLY MMO game I have ever played that did not have a female avatar. I can’t even begin to imagine the real reason for this. And whatever it is, it’s likely a completely stupid reason.

I also want to mention Elden Ring, which for many years was several stand alone games known as the Dark Souls series. Only with the online version did female avatars become available for players. (At least, this is what I have read). It just boggles my mind that this was skipped in NW.

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i dont really agree with this
Its not hyper sexualized, but its definitely feminine/female

The bigger problem is lack of feminine gestures/poses/walking

The skins for the summer event are all for males :disappointed:

The newest twitch drop is a female skin. No man would wear that.

*uses potato graphics
*Worried about how character looks


Put some fem skins In the game though. Would be cool. And yes pls we would love to dye gear.

I only do it for wars because wars crash my games if i don’t :')

I usually can run high graphics when im doing PVE, housing, and farming. I like my character to look good lol

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no woman would either LMAO


Tired of waiting for my cat ears!!


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Moar like this plox

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yep, form fitting, yet matches the aesthetic
non-bulky too

Feels like they dont listen sometimes

Hi there wibblz, I love your suggestions here, and the photos really help prove your point. I will get this sent up to the Dev team for you so they can take a look as well. Have a great weekend!


I actually agree with her. My gf is irritated by stuff like this too. Some ladies just wanna look pretty, which isnt some kind of crime. We have like no customization regardless. Which brings me yet again to echo our desire for TRANSMOG.

this is because their game is horribly optimized and ruins the experience for anyone on anything lower than a 1080.
1060 should be enough for this game, theres basically no excuse. honestly half the time the game looks like that on max settings because their textures dont have a preloading option and you end up with blurry ass textures as you run through the map regardless of your specs, framerate or settings.

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Thanks for passing it along! This has been a widely requested addition :blush: have a great weekend! (And happy Canada/4th of July weekend)