When will you release the july update?

When will the dev team release the july update ? it’s already 21st of july and no news yet, getting frusterated.




On a more serious note, the patch will most likely be the 29th ish! :revolving_hearts:


PTR is getting another update today so not likely until next week

Tuesday 26th is my prediction!

In December how the Name of the Update suggests

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When it’s ready

Apparently you are unfamiliar with New World. AGS likes to update the last week of the month. Often on the last 3 days of the month. Moving forward, you should always assume this is when updates will happen.

Sound Reasoning.

Except it’s the SUMMER patch not the JULY patch… so it may not even happen IN july. Which is why they stopped naming the patches by month because of posts like this.

It will be here when it’s ready. Way rather wait an extra week or two than have the chaos that the early patches had that broke more than they fixed.

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For the “summer” patch, I’m actually surprised it’s happening this early in the summer. I expected it to be the last day of the summer.

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End of july is my guess.

Before August 22nd. That gives us 30 days before the end of summer to enjoy the Summer Patch.

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Summer patch means 3 days before fall got it thanks.

friday … i´m in love ^^

So far previous patches were at end of the month. So if it will be the same, we gonna get next patch next week. Which day, doesnt really matter - for me.

Why do people post this same thing every month, despite every major update since launch coming in the last week of the month…

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