When you add pvp arenas it needs to be normalized [poll inside]

Currently i love how lost ark pvp is, its normalized so everyone has a fair fight. Doing this once you add arenas in new world i think would be a massive success. I really could careless about lost ark pve i just play because i like the normalized pvp.

Honestly all pvp should be normalized including wars and opr and any other pvp mode you plan on adding i know for a fact it would make for a better overall experience and everyone would be on the same playing field! Skill > Gear.

Update: Only arenas should be normalized not all pvp.

Another update: Here

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Can i get some feedback from you devs?
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If you want normalized pvp go play one of the 10,000 games out there that do it. MMOs are about progression.


I could agree with OPR, but not wars. Arenas could have a equalized casual and a use your gear ranked.


This is a good suggestion. Equalized casual would allow for good testing of new build.

How would you go about equalizing? Perks are as important as GS

i, and many other mmorpg players, will never log in again if pvp is all normalized.

if it were normalized, you would realize all this time you spent complaining about gear was moot becuase you just aren’t good.

wouldnt you like to keep the illusion that you are good alive?

ps. i run 597 1 or 2 good perk gear and only opr/war


I mean there’s 2 GOOD possibilities for competitive PvP design that are proven to be successful in many other games, including other MMORPGs:

  1. Equalized gear
  2. BiS PvP obtainable through actual PvP.

I think the former is fine for Unranked, like some of you suggested.
And the latter is better for more progression depth & meaningfulness.

Please, AGS, don’t try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to competitive PvP.


5 GA/LS vs. 5 GA/LS

There is too much healing in ranked!!!


Idk maybe they have a pvp set you can just pick the perks you want to use.

Just getting idea out details can be discussed


Normalized PvP is good for ensuring fair and balanced competition. It is also horrible for an MMO, where level/gear progression is a major motivating factor.

A tradeoff is generally using matchmaking based upon gearscore.


Pve is what your gear score and all that would matter pvp shouldnt be about whos played longer and got the best gear it should be about skill.


MMO combat has never been about “skill.” At most only positioning is involved.


:rofl: thats what i am doing because all i care about is the pvp in lost ark and i dont need to grind anything out to be better thn anyone else. What that means is i can play whenever i want and not worry about being outgeared.

How many hours you got logged in New World?

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Disagre, if someone gives the time to earn better gear and put hundreds of hours leveling up certain sets then they should not be capped back when signing up for arenas. I do agree with a system however, that would allow certain gs sets in 1 place n ranked elsewhere. But im hoping they do a currency for arenas that only is spendable on better pvp gear. :wink:


Or perhaps you can leave the PvP-centric MMO to the actual PvP players and play literally any other MMO made for PvE players? All but a few have been made for people like you who don’t care about competition, and only that few have been made for those of us who do. I know you’ve having fun trying to kill the game completely with your cancerous playstyle, but I’d rather it not die all the way. I’d rather it have a chance to live, and that’s not going to happen by catering to the degenerate addict crowd that thinks a reasonable upper limit on the grind for a single loadout is in the 1500-2000 hour range.


Are you implying that being sweaty makes you good and being casual makes you bad?

Threatening us with a good time. If New World lost all the players who would want to leave over PvP being normalized the game would instantaneously become a hundred times better even without any other change.

Very sad if the way you view NW combat is as a shitty FPS, but with the ability to convert hours of your life into a statistical advantage. How are you not embarrassed to admit that you willingly play a game you think is actually worse just because that game gives you the option to P2W, but instead of money you trade hours of your life spent on tedium? Do you also enjoy playing in the disabled soccer league because it feels great to dribble circles around those suckers with a limp?


combat is far from balanced

game isnt ready for an arena like lost ark is doing



I played only OPR and quit when dungeons were required to get 625gs. It is insane the way players will immediately attack allowing access to competitive (not overpowered) PvP gear without playing for hundreds of hours because progression. These are good design decisions that will bring players back to the game.


agreed 100%

wheres the downvote for this pvp hater?

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Agreed. MMORPG is all about stat progression from gears and levels, and its pvp should stem from that philosophy. If you want to play a game where progression has no weight (except for muscle reflex you get from playing it over and over again), and that skills are empahised, you can always play MOBA, Arena Deathmatch, or RTS games.