When you add pvp arenas it needs to be normalized [poll inside]

well doesnt look like they normalized it or gave us pvp gear top grind out

RIP MY THREAD :frowning:

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Normalized gear is a terrible idea. Good thing they didn’t listen.


I was very happy to see they didn‘t go the route of normalized gear.


they could have done actual pvp gear which wouldnt have been that bad.

Company guys will moan too much.

Since normalization is outta the question can we atleast get pvp specific gear we grind pvp currency for? Doing this will keep everyone similar in power gear wise, skill would be the only advantage.

@Luxendra having our pvp gear randomized is not a good idea its just frustrating. Giving us a set we can work towards is the better option and less frustrating.

random perks, why not?

I dont like the idea of things being random for pvp. You should know what youre going to get and work towards it. Pve content yeah random is fine but competitive pvp shouldnt be based off random shit

I am honestly shocked by the poll results.

How did you think it was gonna look?

I expected people to really against it and the results tell another story

What pvp centric game are you referring to? Clearly not new world as evidenced by this entire thread.

You get to chose light medium or heavy gear in pvp arena, but the perks you get, are random. Why not?

This thread is a wild ride.

AGS made it clear they’re not interested in any real competitive scene when they gimped the combat mechanics. None of this stuff matters but it is fun to see the whacky ideas and opinions.

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Do mean competitive as where there is a professional competitive scene? Im curious has there been a mmorpg that has or had a competitive scene?

I tried to make a business case… not much traction lol

That’s more or less the point.

Typical MMO’s don’t design for competitive combat (Though, Blizzard made a big deal about arenas for a while). New World had that design and then AGS decided they didn’t want to pursue having a competitive scene and instead pushed hard into the themepark model.

Which is fine, it just makes all of this discussion largely irrelevant. Adding a “competitive format” to a game that is designed to be uncompetitive won’t satisfy most current players nor will it attract noticeable new players. May as well be written in water.

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I agree. I would never expect this to be competitive like csgo or StarCraft. MMORPGs are about a players journey over many hours of gameplay improving their characters. I don’t really understand why people think it’s going to be like a game that has 30 minute matches and then starts over.

WoW, GW2, and BnS -before it went full P2W. GW2 and BnS was equalized gear. GW2’s PvP scene is still extremely popular, BnS has people begging the Devs. To put bots in the matches so they can get their currencies. Because everyone but the top 1% of geared players even bother these days.

So gw2 has a professional competitive circuit?