When you add pvp arenas it needs to be normalized [poll inside]

MMOs are about doing a lot of diverse content. PvE, PVP, crafting, etc… Thats why they are MMOs and not a single facet of them is purely optimized, PvP included. People at the top of its food chain should be the ones who are successful in all the content it has to offer. You people talking about playing an mmo “only to pvp” should head toward a different genre.

Skill comes in various forms, not just reflexes; If i have superior business and planning skills i WILL be more geared than you and i DESERVE this advantage when i PvP against you. Just because your business skills, pve skills or/and grinding determination sucks doesn’t mean my progression should be discredited. Ill be smashing you with my superior gear because i worked for it, and you didn’t. Its a different kind of progression. I want my progression to be meaningful across all activities in the games i play, not be a PvE MMO with a PvP mini-game built into it. A lot of players engage in PvE content because they feel the drive for their work to be rewarded with an edge in PvP.

Side note: if you blame gear for your lack of success in PvP, in a game where 600 to 625 difference is about 10% power, gear equalization wont save you. You probably suck at PvP on top of sucking at all of the MMO’s other content as well and you’ll leave for another game either way.

Why do you even play a MMO if you don’t like progression?

You played lost ark? you enjoyed its PvP equalization? Stay there, bud.


Arenas should offer BOTH options. BOTH are interesting forms of PVP, to play and to watch. But you can’t eliminate progression altogether. And this is a false choice. Both options, player viewing and competitor winnings. Would be fantastic.

A player ought to be able to sign up for almost any combo of fight the game would allow otherwise.


Im interested how it will work with items weapons perks ?

Like unending thaw, its way different playing.
Omnidirectional evade on rapier.

These perks from armor parts gives way different playstyle to weapons. Making everything normalized needs a really good clarification.

typical pver who has no idea what he is talking about. Pretty sure you don’t get slotted for wars, or are on a good server, because every single good pvp player knows there is a massive difference in war or group pvp in relation to the gear score being 600 vs 625.

Stick to Wow if you live in fear of skillful players that would rather pvp based off skill and not unequal gear.

This is from someone that has farmed to 625, I craft my own stuff, I fight in wars,opr/invasions. I want equal gear pvp modes, because that helps new players play the fun part of the game without the bullshit grind, and I would rather play against skilled players not people I am better than just because of the gear I grinded. I come from an actual competitive background like starcraft and guildwars 1 though not some pansy bullshit like wow or other mmos.

btw lost ark is boring as shit. NW represents something that could be like guildwars 1 if they did equalized gear pvp combat modes and fixed combat bugs.


Play league of legends or battle royal if you want normalized PvP. The reason of an MMORPG is character progression.


And what your “PvE” progression or grind have to do in a “PvP” game mode ???


Guild Wars 2 begs to differ


Ofc it needs to be normalized. Anything else would be nonsense. But they need to fix the lag first to make PvP playable.


Yeah you progress through PVE and you progress through ranked pvp…

Why should gear make you better thn someone else? Why should someone that cant play as much as someone else always be at a disadvantage? Not everything in the game needs to be a grind, ive been playing since alpha ive done a ton of grinding in this game!

As you’ve noticed the player numbers are very low right now, having normalized pvp would allow players that either just started playing or players that come back a chance to enjoy atleast pvp without having to wait weeks or months (depending on how much they can play) to be viable with the best gear.

To be honest if youre complaining about having normalized pvp its probably because you rely on having better gear to be good


Well of course but take all gear to 625 GS and purple with actual 625 GS would have a small advantage, which would be fine. A very small advantage for your grind.

I vote against any “normalize” in MMORPG. MMORPG is about growing and improving your character. Its not MOBA! Only players in an equal GS can talk about balance.
There is no need to devalue the work done to improve the character of other players. If you don’t have time to upgrade your character to 625 GS, then you shouldn’t say that you want to kill 625 GS in 400 GS. It’s just not your league - fight against 400 GS once you’re 400 GS

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Why do MMORPGs have to be grind/pay to win and keep the atrocious tradition?

What’s so skillful about rolling other players just because of gear and that you okay more? Why do the MMORPGs have to be like that?

GW does normalized pvp and that actually rewards skill instead of grind.


WoW, LA2, AA - best PvP games - and no normilized PvP. Because the MMORPG culture is what it is. If you wanna fast FUN - play MOBA or something line CS, UT, Quake etc. But MMORPG is not about FAST fun - you need to do a lot to improve you hero. So you can go further and say why do companies create their cars on formula 1? Let everyone ride the same. I repeat: a beginner should not be able to beat a player from the start who has invested a lot of time and effort into developing his character. It’s like a child of 3y enters the ring against an athlete who has dedicated himself to the development of his body and martial arts for 20 years. And then shout that the forces are not equal

If you play more you get better why do you need additional advantage? You need to be stronger just because you play the game more so you can beat others not on the basis of skill or being better but in the basis you okay and grind more?

Again why does the MMORPG have to be an exception to every other genre and be tolerated here?

Imagine if after 2000 chess games you gain a bishop upgrade to a Queen so u can have 2 queens. Why should a rookie have even playing field to a grandmaster that played thousands of games?


Because the MMORPG culture is what it is. A game about developing and improving your character.
So it was, so it is, and so it will be. And you don’t need to change anything about it. There should only be a balance among players in the same GS.
People tend to get the best and unique - the most rare things. This also builds a huge layer. This is the goal and motivation of the players. Fight for the chance to get the best and the rarest.
Waiting for world bosses. Which can only be attacked in PVP mode and from which 1 unique one will fall - a super cool thing for the entire server. For everyone to dream of getting. To be motivated to improve his character for the opportunity to compete for such a drop

You can still develop and improve your character in every other aspect of the game outside of Arena. why does the Arena mode made for PvP not be fair and instead have people that have more time or more money to have an advantage over people that are more skilled?

Balance between players of same GS is what i’m advocating. Everyone has same GS in Arena and bam balanced. Also people don’t need to be overpowered for them to be motivated. Add ranked & cosmetics to Arena and suddenly people have motivation to play it without stupid Pay2Win mechanics.

Why would you not want PvP players from MOBA’s or Shooters to come play some Arena in New World? Why push them away with outdated mechanics?

Again Guild Wars 2 has equilized PvP and is doing just fine (even better than NW) and MMORPG people play that game. Nobody there is complaining about removing equalized PvP. Lost Ark has as well. People don’t need to be FORCED to play PvE in order to be able to compete in PvP. Its shit design and benefits no one except people with ample time and fat wallets.


If they dont normalize it the only thing i can see is having a honor and conquest system like wow had back in MoP you grind out the honor gear and you have a weekly cap that has a catch up system for conquest gear

For example:
Week 1 1500CQ cap
Week 2 1500CQ cap (+1500 from previous week or whatever wasnt gained)

Pvp gear should always have an advantage over pve gear maybe add specific pvp perks to the pvp gear that fair better in pvp combat.

If they dont do somthing similar this it needs to be normalized

Imagine how cool Arena would be that everyone has 500 stats and gear scaled to 600 to distribute and choose 2 perks on each Wep/Armor slot. Suddenly you can actually experiment with different builds giving you way more play variety and making it balanced.

Same as Lost Ark. Shit would be the bomb.


When you add PvP arenas you need to bring back skill-based combat.


Arenas will do nothing for the game if combat stays the shallow puddle it is. Putting emphasis on skill over gear also removes the need for normalization. Let the players keep their progression power but don’t let it remain the highest determinant of a battle.

It’s simple, it’s obvious, and AGS refuses to acknowledge it.

I’ve been playing MMORPG for 24 years now, starting from ultima online, la2, wow, archeage, teso, gw2, ff14, warhammer online, bns, tera and more. And only one game I did not like the most - this is GW2 - due to the fact that all players from the start are given the same gear in the arena. In doing so, they killed interest for me in character development. I was not interested in developing it because it simply makes no sense, because my character will no longer become stronger. I am for the close connection between PvP and PvE. One is impossible without the other, and one must work for the benefit of the other.

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