WHERE ARE THE DEVS - OPR worst it's ever been

The scoring system is bad, and the fact that you don’t get kills for downing an opponent is absolutely ridiculous to me. But there’s no need to throw a tantrum about it.

I think here is why you’re actually not proving your point.

You really don’t have accurate information. I realize you think you do and I understand that. Maybe your expectations are really what is driving your claims.

I’ve posted about 20 times about the scoring system.

All ignored.

Still same scoring system.

Maybe a tantrum will work.

Thanks for replying and bumping my tantrum. It’s working now.

Really? I have innacurrate information that vg hurt and life staff heal gives pts without getting any kills assiats or resources contributed but still get credit and gold.

I’m wrong about that???

That I witness each night making the team less than 20 players???

You’re worried about when the bad scoring system was last updates to this bad system.

I want it changed. Your arguing is useless.

Do you like the SCORING SYSTEM we have NOW?

Then stfu. Muted.


YOURE TALKING ABOUT “oh was it alpha or beta… ooooooh which exact release made the scoring system so badd. was it three months and three days or actually four months or actually longer cause if it was 3 months scoring good but if”

So you think because you keep spamming something by yourself, eventually culminating in this tantrum, people will be more likely to listen to you?
Do you expect them to reply to everyone on the forums?
Personally I’d be less likely to listen and more likely to block someone who keeps raging on about something he/she dislikes.
Yes, we get it. You don’t like the scoring system. But they’re not going to make changes to the game because you’ve posted the same things 20 times as opposed to 1, the mere notion of that is as ridiculous as not getting kills in OPR for downing someone.

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Yeah OPR is the worst PVP ive ever done…

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i dont care about you. weird huh.

i care that the devs see it. and change it.

you keep bumping tho. which gives it more numbers. more likely for the people that can actually change it can see it.

and youre wrong. the reason they make changes is because they see community feedback. if they never read the post they cant see people are asking for a change.

i guess you just want the devs to be psychic.

i dont care about you.

I’m just intrigued by the way your brain works.
Other than that I don’t really care about you either.

and youre wrong. the reason they make changes is because they see community feedback. if they never read the post they cant see people are asking for a change.

Good point, I say we all start repeating our opinions ad infinitum until we see changes in the game. Very productive.

you keep replying.

ima put you on ignore now tho. thanks for another bump

Posters like this one here, and there are many others similar, have made me come to the conclusion that these accounts are Forum Moderator alt accounts that they can talk shit to the player base on.

I mean go look at a lot of these forum posts and you see the same ones.

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It should be obvious by now they have no idea what they’re doing


That exploit is a new one, actually surprised more people didn’t abuse the healing scoring system sooner.

I agree with this one 100000%.

Thanks for allowing groups to que. Thanks for allowing healing itself to score. Thanks for basing rewards on a TERRIBLE scoring system, literally any gamer from age 5 years old up could come up with a better scoring system.

I can’t remember a time where I’ve seen a game development team so out of touch with their own game. The PVP in New World is becoming a running joke. From insane latency and rubber banding in Wars, to all-around weapon balance, to the justification to get people to flag up…? Luck :rofl::rofl: And then you add OPR scoring which is the icing on the cake.

In what universe does cutting down trees, killing NPCs score higher than killing players and capturing points to win the match in a P V P instance.

I WIN!! :partying_face:

@Patrolmeus is not even posting in the right category for it to be seen for pete’s sake.

That was mean. I took it out.

I agree, that is most likely true. Of the Game Feedback category.

I know youre not talking to me but I understand where that comes from. Sorry about that.

One of the worst-written and formulated feedback posts about a legitimate issue I’ve read.

It’s a legitimate issue. It’s a horrible post. You could have just reported the issue directly to the CMs just as this post suggest you do:

Shouting “where are the devs” repeatedly is obnoxious and helps no one. I couldn’t read your post to the end, it was horrendous. Just contact the CMs and let them know about this issue.


I think they’re on vacation. :upside_down_face:

Christmas and New Years. regardless of how anyone feels about the game or the company, people are entitled to time off for the holidays.


Literally knocking down 50ppl in OPR will give u jack shit even if u did 99% of the damage, meanwhile a healer KillSteal and heal getting super points for 10ppl stacking in his sacreds GGGGGGGGGGG

Who cares.

Seriously, you win great, you lose with the min score you still get rewarded. What you are saying is the only thing that matters is you get top board ranking and other need to get gud…

A lot of real problems with this game, OPR functions

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