WHERE ARE THE DEVS - OPR worst it's ever been

Not to mention the amount of movement bugs, improper hit scans, as well as majority of weapons not even working right. The scoring system is bad for tanks who choose to play. (Not a tank but some of my buddies are)

Brutes are also still super strong in OPR which takes away from the actual PvP experience of the OPR. The removal of the suck-ins is great but brutes still do big damage and take forever to kill through while combatting other players. You make it into an instantaneous summon.

Too many afk bots, too many issues in actual end-game OPR content. I have no idea what devs are doing anymore and I used to be a big fan of em too.

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I think the partial solution to this would be to add ranked 2v2 3v3 5v5 game mode. Gives players another COMPETETIVE way to pvp unlike OPR. OPR is still fun and helps people get a feel for the large group fights you experience in wars I guess, but it doesnt feel like real pvp to me idk. I’d much rather spend my time in a small focused ranked pvp arena of sorts than a moba pvp game mode that can feel like rng some games being at player disadvantages for the first 10ish minutes of a game, sometimes longer. People wont be as tilited from not getting slotted in wars when they have other ways to pvp comeptetively, though I know this wont completely rid toxicity! I think this is something that needs to be pushed sooner than later for the general health of pvp in the game!

You’re talking about a couple weeks.

I’m talking about the past four months.

Same crap scoring system since beta.

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Theyve not done a dam thing to the scoring system in opr since beta

They on four months Xmas break???

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Been on holidays for four months I guess cause same scoring system since beta.

NW has been out 3 months and 3 days.

And beta?

It hasn’t changed since beta. I like how you didn’t include that part where I said beta in your quote.


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Cuz when they were going fast everything worked just fine right? I’d rather not go back to that.
At least the latest patches haven’t completely broken the game.

When were they going fast?

Same scoring system since beta.

That’s sooooooooo fast.

It’s changed since the first Alpha.

Clearly the scoring system isn’t of a high priority to them.
Patches used to come out bigger and faster, but broke almost as many things as they fixed every time. If you’ve been here since launch you’d know that.

Thanks for continuing to prove my point. I played beta and not alpha so I didn’t know that.

So even longer than I thought.

But the devs are going toooooo fast

The main problem that I’ve had with OPR is it seems that some people take NO damage…then later, running portals, I see these same people taking no damage despite half the folks getting nailed below 50%. What gives? Seriously, I have stood in a circle of guys swinging voidblade and they are hoping or twitching and it’s like they aren’t even there…I swing right through them…multiple times. If it was just OPR, I might think desync…but what about in the open-world?

My point exactly. They don’t care to change the things that matter.

OPR is dying on Eden, because it’s the only repeatable pvp content with structure and people are now abusing the scoring system to farm gold to sell.

And now opr dies.

But hey we got that new patterns to craft without being able to timeless shard them.

The scoring system is bad, and the fact that you don’t get kills for downing an opponent is absolutely ridiculous to me. But there’s no need to throw a tantrum about it.

I think here is why you’re actually not proving your point.

You really don’t have accurate information. I realize you think you do and I understand that. Maybe your expectations are really what is driving your claims.

I’ve posted about 20 times about the scoring system.

All ignored.

Still same scoring system.

Maybe a tantrum will work.

Thanks for replying and bumping my tantrum. It’s working now.

Really? I have innacurrate information that vg hurt and life staff heal gives pts without getting any kills assiats or resources contributed but still get credit and gold.

I’m wrong about that???

That I witness each night making the team less than 20 players???

You’re worried about when the bad scoring system was last updates to this bad system.

I want it changed. Your arguing is useless.

Do you like the SCORING SYSTEM we have NOW?

Then stfu. Muted.


YOURE TALKING ABOUT “oh was it alpha or beta… ooooooh which exact release made the scoring system so badd. was it three months and three days or actually four months or actually longer cause if it was 3 months scoring good but if”

So you think because you keep spamming something by yourself, eventually culminating in this tantrum, people will be more likely to listen to you?
Do you expect them to reply to everyone on the forums?
Personally I’d be less likely to listen and more likely to block someone who keeps raging on about something he/she dislikes.
Yes, we get it. You don’t like the scoring system. But they’re not going to make changes to the game because you’ve posted the same things 20 times as opposed to 1, the mere notion of that is as ridiculous as not getting kills in OPR for downing someone.

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Yeah OPR is the worst PVP ive ever done…

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