Where are The Lord of the Rings skins?

We need to spend money on it asap


Very good question.

i think we will see them this month tbh, since we are not getting the major release until next month

I posted it once lemme check for it.
Her armor is very closely related to the design of the Voidbent :smiley:

Nevertheless love the idea. Really would love some LOTR Eastereggs.

I think the original The Lord of the Rings would be nicer. The series is half troll.
Legolas, Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimle, Galadriel, Eowyn, etc. Would be amazing.

I want her dress

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They own the rights to the IP for television and movies andTencent owns the rights to the IP for video game adaptations so they cant do skins in game without tencent letting tjem

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This is interesting to know!

I’d still genuinely wonder where it sits with Amazon taking a design specifically within Rings of Power and chucking it into New World.

EDIT: Oh a blade that glows blue when lost or corrupted are nearby would just be amazing.

I want the dirty wizard look

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just play flamethrower and you will have it! XD
But yeah would be nice as a hairstyle. We call it hipster look nowadays not dirty nor homeless :smiley:

I believe Embracer Group owns right rights now.

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Considering their shady way of trying to obtain rights the last time, I really do not think Tencent has a chance to their rights.

Not sure if I’d even want LoTR skins in New World. With halloween coming up, just put in some skins with darker tones and I’d buy em (sick of golden skins in the shop).

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Well with the pattern we have seen with skins, Ring of Power skin will more than likely be free via Twitch or Prime. So no worries about it being in the MTX.

As for Halloween event skins? We need two good ones via in game event and a some decent sets in mtx. I want some decent skins for sword and shield.

As for Ring of Power skin… Gimmie the 2h sword skin from Galadriel’s unit!

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