Where are the Patchnotes .. hello?

Dear Dev’s,

where are the Patchnoes ? I mean yeah, Servers are up and i can create a new Charackter again but an 3h downtime only for this ? Would be nice if we can get more infos.


You have to look at the News part of the forum before you complain about the lack of info.
If you look there, then you will find all the info about the downtime.

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Thats not quite correct as it only states:

Its just a general post, nothing states what the issue wasnor what has been done to solve it.

It does explain the 3 hour downtime, which is the main point.
I don’t play the game anymore so i don’t give a scrap anyways, but there is no patch nor patch notes, it was a function disabled and now re-enabled again.

Maybe just some Hardware Updates etc etc.

Of course thats a legit reason, just because you arent interested others should behave the same.

And you of course know that there was no patch on server side, which we would not be able to see btw.

No patch = no patchnotes. Downtime or maintenance doesn´t mean a new patch.


do you maybe have freezes ingame after last patch

Lol. “I don’t care, I’m just here to find out and get in arguements. Because I don’t care.”


Stopped character creation in hopes of slowing the bots from becoming the full population playing.

Speculation, speculation, speculation. Exactly what this game needs :frowning:

I also have asked for more transparency in another post.

I guess, as we are the customers, we deserve to know why they did it and also AGS should have an interest to be transparent with us avoiding speculations leading to mass-frustration.


What does it matter right now? It’ll come when it comes. “Mommy! Mommy! Bring me my Lunchable…NOW!” Your parents did you a great disservice.

I was hoping for the mutated dungeons to be introduced today?

To be fair, the tsundere template is the gold standard for the New World forum community.

Not that I care or anything…

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I am extremly confused, the answer is simply that there is no patch notes because there was no patch, any news can be read in the News part of the forum as i stated.
Not sure what is with the hostility.

Again, no idea where this is coming from, i answered the OP and gave him directions to go to find the proper info regarding patches.
Not sure how that is “getting into arguments” but sure, i guess helping is offensive in this world aswell, along with absolutly everything else nowdays.

I am still wondering where your information that there was not patch on server side comes from (you would not see anything if not being informed by devs) o.O if there was no change, why would they take something down ? There is simply NO information beside “Character creation disabled server Down” and “Server Up, Character creation enabled”. So I guess your bet is that they just turned off and on for 3hours full of fun :smiley:

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I was looking for patch notes as well but it looks like it was just them re enabling the character creation.

I get that there are no patch notes associated with this downtime. But I would really like to know what the reasoning behind disabling new character creations and then having a 3 hour down time to resolve the issue suggests.

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