Where are todays patch notes?


I paid for the Deluxe and well still no patch notes and I can’t login…so… lol

I would have gladly paid more for a version of the game I could login to…

Let’s hope that is because the notes are long because of lots of fixes! :sunglasses::+1:

Its ALL Fine. :ok_hand:


We just need TRANSMOG :+1:

Where our transmog? :smiley:

WTB TRANSMOG :kissing_heart:


Hey all!

We understand the desire for information regarding our plan for our next patch.

The team’s working hard to address critical issues that have popped up over the past week as well as some other changes to help optimize your game experience. Once we have those fixes locked in we will be writing and distributing the our patch notes along with our expected downtimes.

Remember to check the Official News section of the forum for the most up to date information.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


I asked in another thread why AGS was not doing regular hot patches with bug fixes. A Dev responded and said they preferred to do weekly patches as not to disturb the play of gamers and also to allow full testing of the patches.

He did not imply hot fixes were not possible, just that it was their policy not to do them.

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That means today or later in the week?

Awesome advice right there.

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Can you confirm if there is a patch to address the characters that are hung in-game after “lagging” out in a dungeon and resulting in the inability to login to the game we paid for?

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Wait, I though I shouldn’t have posted at all?

Why did you think that? :+1: :grinning:

The real question is what market item will go up or plummet based off tonights changes…


Did you not read the post? There is no patch tonight.

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says that nowhere that I can see

Thanks boss

Dude they are still working on the bugs, as per Lux. Once the bugs are locked in, they will write patch notes. That doesn’t happen (especially for AGS) over the course of a few hours. It will be days.

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ill come in here and tell you you’re wrong when they’re announced

While Wednesdays have been the day used for previous patches it’s not set in stone they will happen on Wednesdays or even every Wednesday. I’ve seen no dev comment stating that Wednesdays are their scheduled patch/maint days.

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I read that kinda of different… what I read was … hey all our patches opened the door to more bugs that needed patching for our patching to patch

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