Where do we draw the line?

Title is self-explanatory. Apparently the entire in-game economy is being shut down for the second time due to excessive duping again. The devs are catching plenty of flak from this wildly toxic platform already, so let’s go at this without flaming them as best we can. We can’t know what hours they are working, or the size of the team/teams, and certain decisions as far as content releases and priorities are decided by people above them. Amazon as a whole are handling this game pathetically, but that is not the fault of the devs.

So, now that we have the aforementioned second shutdown, for an existing problem, why has AGS not shut down the game entirely? We have automated mis-bans, an HTML code injection exploit through the chat(which was fixed, I know, but the fact is that it happened and should not have), ban trolling/exploiting, item duping, gold duping, you name it. Where do we/AGS put a foot down and say “This isn’t okay, we need a full shut-down and actual problem solving/re-release”?

It’s not like it hasn’t happened before. This second economy shutdown has finally tipped the balances for me personally, and I’m applying for a refund. But, if AGS had instead come out and said “hey, we are going to shut the game down entirely for (x amount of months) to let our dev team focus solely on fixing the game, and we will ‘re-release’ once we feel that the game is in a more stable, healthy state” I wouldn’t have felt the need to refund the game if they would stop with these half-measures and actually give the devs the time and breathing room they need to fix the issues plaguing the game right now, but I don’t think they will be given that chance.

@Luxendra @Kay I apologize, I know y’all get @'s hundreds of times a day, but you two are the most active mod/dev accounts I’ve seen on here and I would love to get y’all’s opinion on a full shut-down vs the halfway measures that are currently being used.


Pretty sure if the game shuts down, all those with 300+ hours will just not come back. You’d have to wipe progress to repair the damage at this point. I hate to say it, but I do believe this game is going to fail. They can’t keep up with the rate of failures, and many players are more interested in playing by breaking things like you would a trash game. Once breaking the game becomes the actual game, and you don’t have the dev manpower/skill to stop it, the game is doomed.


Why does it have to be we? You need moral support in your epic quest to kill New World?


if they did perma banned the ppl involved at the first wave ,we will not be living this shit storm today .

By banning them for just 1 day they encouraged them to go even further or if not further ,keep trying…


Unfortunately I think this is more and more the case. Some people just want to watch the world burn and exploiters will come to NW just to break it as they see it as a house of cards :frowning:


when the game fresh came out, its ok, a few problems, lag, bugs…its ok…2 months into the game and still the same dupe bugs as in alpha…same as in the betas…same as in the release…no perma bans, still bugs to fix, no updates in quality of life.
totally agree that the only solution is shutdown the game, finish it in x months, then reopen a finish game (like ffxiv did)


People seem to forget that FFXIV 1.0 ran for two years while they built 2.0 from scratch. The only thing reused were art assets. FFXIV as a whole was only down for 8 months while existing characters were migrated and the new game was tested.

However, they did offer unconditional refunds and never charged a sub fee for 1.0. If AGS cares about this product going into the future, maybe they should do this.


I think a lot of people wouldn’t come back, if they wiped the servers


A lot might, but we’ve already bought the game. If they lose 50% more players, give refunds to 50% of the total purchasing group, and spend the money to properly fix the game, they will be net negative on profits. They’re better off limping it along and letting people either get frustrated and quit or deal. A shutdown would require refunds to all steam players and likely all Amazon purchasers as well. I know that personally, if I got a refund, I wouldn’t come back. Which I hate because this game had potential. It’s just hard to keep pumping in hours for monetary gains that are worthless. Two weeks of grinding for t5 luck trophies are now worth no more than a day grinding. I do not believe they can clean this up, and one online who bought cheap trophies will keep them.

Well trading post employees finally know there worth more than 8 gold and hour with no benefits and all quitting, so gotta be patient for them to find replacements till the trading post opens back up again.


im fine with an economy wipe even though im quite well off gold wise not rich but not stressing bout gold however if they wipe progression im out im not regrinding back up to max level and crafting progressions and so on alkready took a long ass fken time (i did it all legit).

Re-read my post, I think you missed the point.

Post is too long, to be honest, I was responding to your topic title.

It is called “we are trying to save the game” … check statistics… So cheaters will be left in the game with a 24h slap…

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Yea I’m not dealing with the boring ass grind to 60 again. Despite its flaws I’m still enjoying the game. So threads like these, and threads saying that the game needs to be shut down really frustrates me.

Your requests don’t reflect the feedback of the entire community. A lot of players are like me, and enjoy the game.

So if YOU are done with it, just uninstall. Quit trying to speak for me.


yeah if they shut the game down and rebooted it i probably would not come back.

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A lot of people would do the same BUT if they kept

  • Lvl 60 not re set
  • GS watermark stays the same
  • Houses remain

That wouldnt be so bad. But tbh I dont think anyone could convice a Board @ Amazon to lose money in the short term in the hope of making money in the long term . Thats not the American way. The better way would be to RESET the exploiters and then tell the community what they did.

I got you

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Please, did u see the new update for PTS? Theyre ramping up the exp required to reach lv 200 in all professions.
If a wipe comes in place, trust me, alot of people will be leaving.
Not to mention the amount of displeased players regarding to pts nerfs on mage weapons.

Going to be a dead game

Well, it’s an open-ended question being posed to the community as a whole. So, “we” would be anyone who reads the post and wants to respond constructively.