Where do we draw the line?

Ah. Well, next time, I’ll be sure to put the whole post in the title for your convenience.

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I don’t think at any point in my post I spoke for anyone - I thought I made it pretty clear that these were my personal opinions, and I was asking for the opinions of others. But you are welcome to simply not engage with my post if you’re worried about me voicing your opinion for you.

Some of you are missing the big picture of AGS in the industry. They lost all trust from the gaming community.

Who would buy an AGS product again knowing they pulled the plug on other projects and release NW in a broken state despite threads upon threads from alpha and beta warning them about all of this?

The entire integrity of the game was destroyed in the first few weeks by exploits etc. Now it’s developer wack-a-mole hell.


You should learn how to be concise if you want to be taken seriously on an opening discussion.

I guarantee you your post was ignored by more than just me due to its length.

still would probably not come back, any reset at this point would make me quit for good.

Being a bad actor is good.

Abusing the system is not so bad, just a minor infraction.

Why invest TIME in a profession or improving the watermark, if you can achieve it with a few simple steps?

This is the message I’m getting watching the forum and the market.

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The extra info thats missing here is that tney are also increasing xp given when you craft higher level items. This stops the old Skyrim thing of craft 10,000 iron swords.

I have 265 hours logged and I have not played in the last 2 weeks since all the massive exploitation and bugs have been happening. I won’t play again either until I hear things have settled down.

I love this game, and that is exactly why I’m not playing it. I had so much fun the first two weeks and I don’t want to be soured by the rampant issues currently happening. I’ll come back when it’s fixed, even if that means a full server wipe…


They really dropped the ball on the whole duping situation, the second dupes were discovered there should have been perma bans handed out to set a precedence for what happens to people that dupe.

But instead, a lot of it was just swept under the rug, and there has been a lot of stories of people heavily duping that got slapped on the wrist with a 24 hour ban, and the devs did not even strip them of their ill gotten gains when their bans were done. So now a lot of people probably thinks “Why would i not game the system like everyone else around me and get mine, a 24 hour ban is nothing, 24 hours is a fraction of the time i would have used to grind for these things”

And by now the initially duped items, gold, materials, whatever, has been spread so far and wide into the economy that i dont think the devs can realistically track everything and ban everyone responsible.


the extra extra info is that t5 nodes can’t support every crafter needing 50,000 t5 mats to level 150-200. And t5 crafting stations aren’t always available

so in reality they will be crafting a mix of lower and higher teir items, and it will generally take longer to reach 200

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shut down = game over

thats it

People are free to ignore it, but you commented on its length instead of simply ignoring it, which merited a response to you, not the masses

No one cares if you didn’t read
If you didn’t even read the post just shut the fuck up you monkey no one is talking to you
Literally a well known troll at this point


This isn’t Twitter, I am not limited to a certain amount of characters and can be as long-winded as I feel I need to be. If you don’t want to read it and/or respond constructively, don’t engage

I was actually responding to a direct reply to my original question.

You should go take a nap. You seem grumpy.

I like the game but game mods piss me off and I uninstalled almost a week ago due to being banned once a week since release.
Never in my life have I been banned like this in a game. I have ever only received a game ban once since I began playing video games online in 2007.

Yeah you’re big mad.

Go take a time out.

You’ve been more disruptive to this thread than I’ve been.

What were you being banned once a week for?

With all the hours I am dumped into gathering and crafting, I have over 720+ hours in it which as far as I know, I have not used a bug or exploit to achieve. I would certainly leave and likely never come back if they did that. They have the tools to punish those who were cheating and let those who were no retain their hard work and I would implore they explore that direction first and foremost.