Where do we draw the line?

You do not have to discuss this with me, but out of curiosity, I would wonder what behavior you were doing to get banned every week?

I meme a lot in games, discuss serious topics carefully, or call a random player a fucking idiot if they do something that affects my gameplay but I never say their names when I do this and it happens once every never so logs just show that I said “fucking idiot” but not to who.
Legit just things I’ve been doing in other games for many years and I get banned for it. None of it is seriously dangerous and/or offensive things.

I read Dyrus got banned for saying “deez nuts” when someone asked what DN is in chat. That’s enough for me to believe it could be absolutely anything I said that I’m being banned for and worse of all, they don’t show you what it is.

Interesting. I just stopped using in game chat for a bit because of the ban reports early on but haven’t had any problems since using it again in the last few weeks.

Hey man you’re the one using well known terminology EU players in MMOs use to cover up actual slurs. If you want to maintain ignorance on that, that’s your choice.

Calling people apes and monkeys has been a way to obscure using the N word since like 2016 in MMOs, though, and is particularly popularized in the EU demographic.

EDIT: Apparently some odd people on the forums.

There are no words that will not likely create drama for someone playing. For instance you referenced an animal and race in the same paragraph and it is almost 100% likely that will trigger someone. Sadly, in the world today, everyone has become so hyper political and I feel folks may have lost the ability of acting humbly and practicing tolerance. I would rather have folks being tolerant of me then trying to forcefully accept me.

@SHAKEBEATSz @naamtar I need you guys to just block each other and be done with it.

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I admit I do get pretty close to saying bad things but I’m always careful not to go the extra step.
My last ban, I was saying in chat how racism isn’t necessarily bad so long as nobody acts upon their racist beliefs. It’s the same as if you have evil thoughts but everything you do, have ever done, and will ever do in life is good. You remain a good person despite the thoughts.
Imagine killing Paarthurnax in Skyrim despite him controlling his evil nature through great effort.
Or what if someone enjoys the thought of torturing animals but he never watches it, never does it, and never even mentions it and all his actions are good.

Since they don’t tell me what I’m being banned for, I think it’s safe to assume game mods have twisted judgment and/or biases.

Or it’s something actual racists use to cover up the N word and have since well before cancel culture started up, specifically in MMOs.

Can’t block users on these forums as far as I know, but I make a point to reply to anyone who takes the time to reply to me.

Wiping 300+ hours of progress would make a large amount of players outright quit.

The only solution to avoid a complete wipe seems to be removing all (furniture) items that could have been duped,

I call people monkeys sometimes in the sense that they’re dumb despite their humanistic appearance. It doesn’t have to be racist.

I agree, but seeing as I don’t know any of you and this is a forum for an MMO - it is good to make people aware so they have the opportunity to find better words to use.


If you go to the user profile, there’s a drop-down menu that gives you the option to Mute or Ignore - Ignore will block notifications and hide their posts entirely

I see what you mean
But personally I don’t care what anyone online thinks of me

You’re free to say what you want, but arguing/name-calling is far from constructive and a waste of everyone’s time, including your own.

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Of course they have biases. I myself was on a slippery slope until I actually took the time to read the Code of Conduct. Literally, I have stopped speaking to much in the chat in games because I feel that I will likely just get caught up in a moment. If I do want to get into controversial topics, I will find a forum outside of this platform that discusses them at this point.

I mean I’m just killing time right now on there forums
But hey man, sometimes you just gotta get a lil vulgar :pray:t3::pray:t3:

Thanks for the info.

Actually, you are not free to say whatever you want, read Code of Conduct, it spells out what is not acceptable.

From Code of Conduct:

Do not : engage in behavior that diminish, threaten, bully, insult, abuse, or harass others.

Anything can be considered the above honestly, it just depends on the receiver watching the chat.