Where do we draw the line?

I’m going to leave this here. There is no way you don’t know what you’re doing right now.

This does not violate TOS, but I do enjoy the community’s intolerance - just adding this to count as an edit and unhide it.

I’m waiting to have this function activated too, you need to reach trust level 2. One of the most annoying requirement (assuming they have standard discourse settings) is that you need to have visited the forums 15 days to be able to block someone.

There are quite a few more that you can read here: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

But yeah, I have no clue what the requirement is for the NW forum but I still cant block people.

EDIT: I just clicked your name. You are a member so you should have it. It should be under: https://forums.newworld.com/u/YOUR_USERNAME/preferences/users

This isn’t something a company should be banking on or wanting to use as a last resort. FF14 was a special case that happened to bounce back and they had the backing of their names.

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I gave you the opportunity to educate yourself on why the insults you’re using are actually and unironically rooted in race realism.

You chose to ignore it.

Not much else to be done for an ignorant person. The link is more so for other people reading this, to help them understand why what you’re saying is racially offensive.

I didn’t know about this. I’ll keep it in mind in the future. Thanks.

bro who cares halo infinite just dropped

Edit: :monkey_face::monkey:

That’s some solid deflection.

You’re correct, I was referencing his ability to speak on the internet in general. No speech is free from consequence :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve read every single reply in its entirety, actually.

Everything but your sub fee comment is correct.

I’ve been subbed to FFXIV for a decade now. They only froze the sub fee when 1.0 officially went down and gave us legacy players a free month when we came back for 2.0.

Regardless AGS can’t afford to kill the servers with out a massive 100% transparent detailed post/email/ama at this point.

People will come back to the game when it gets fixed there no doubt, especially if AGS developers have a deep love for this game, the DLC expansions and content my blow the roof off the base game and bring a ton more players new and old.

It’s a waiting game at this point. If you bought through PayPal, you can absolutely request a refund regatess if hours as long as you link in the chat to PayPal reps all the forum posts/screens/ etc of how you paid for a finished game and it’s not.

I’m level 58. I have 150hours in the game. I can wait a few more months for shit to get hashed out.

This is actually the 3rd major dupe, the first one was the infinite coin dupe when transfers were enabled. No doubt there will be another in a week or 2, I’m betting on being able to dupe entire characters.

I personally am still enjoying the game. Our tiny little server is trying to push our own self made events and fun times and it gives me stuff to look forward to every day. The bugs and duping chip away at my shell though. The fact they aren’t getting banned and are laughing about getting unbanned and keeping huge amount of money is worrisome. I don’t care if they don’t permaban them but if they are caught duping their inventory should be wiped at least.


I already passed my red line and am no longer playing. The bugs are too many. The exploits too abused by too many people, without the necessary perma-bans. The crafting system is too much of a grind, and unnecessarily so, imo. I’m sick and tired of running Supply Crates over-and-over, then low-level mats again and again, to ramp up one or two levels at a time of crafting.

I refuse to exploit the game bugs, putting me at a disadvantage to the people who have successfully done so. Worse, AG refused to perma-ban even the slightest of infractions regarding the exploits, as should have been done to maintain a semblance of integrity.

Short story, New World isn’t fun any more. I won’t play unless I’m having fun.

That’s my 2 gold worth on this subject. YMMV

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There will always be people trying to exploit a game. No matter how much you find polish someone will find a way. There are companies out there that make millions by using black market sites for mmos like this.

If you think the game going offline would fix this you are sorely mislead. What they need to do instead is start dishing out PERMA machine ip bans. Show them that you dont tolerate cheating or exploiting in your game.

Not necessarily

I’m still enjoying the game albeit less and less each time I see cheaters exploiting bugs/glitches and the lacklustre handling of these abusers by AGS.
After almost 500 hours of playing, lvl 60 and multiple maxed skills/professions, I would like to see a shutdown and rework putting us all, once more on a level playing field without the illgotten gains currently ingame. Either way, I enjoy the game enough to keep playing and when the day comes that another game is released I enjoy more or I just no longer enjoy NW, I’ll leave.


I support this with hundreds of hours crafting and farming myself.

There really is an easier way to advance the game, rather than doing a full wipe. They can, and ultimately will:

  • Release an expansion.
  • Increase Crafting Cap.
  • Increase GS Cap.
  • Phase out older material that was exploited, to bring in new/fresh material.
  • Increase the Gold ratio mechanics. (WoW does this at the end of EVERY expansion, and basically resets the economy).

How is this hidden?

Probably because it was rude, off-topic and unnecessary