Where is our update

In another post they said there would be an update this AM with more news.

You’re not even worth a chat ban. :rofl:
And tbh i dont care enough about a random whiner like you.
You’re just another sheep in the flock, thinking they are owned something.
You’ll have a hard life haha

Ok, go and take the legal action, that’s your right.

Don’t think you’ll make it past filing before it gets thrown out though.

Your lawyer will say:

Forum homepage, filter to dev tracker, read updates there, also check the announcement thread not general discussion, if you spend the time searching instead typing this long rant post, you could have found it quicker

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Your “update”

Read EULA, ToS, legal section before buying any products

Has nothing do to with all of that. If a company wants to keep their customers, they have to get their butts up and deliver a working product. Imagine other online services having core functionality turned off for days - the customers will just switch. Imagine an online shop not being able to process buy orders - the customer just opens a new tab and is getting the product from a different online shop that cares about the customer experience.

Uhhh just look at the post by the dev that is pinned, you bottom feeder.

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You’d think at the time of such crisis company would have a rep who is constantly active and doing damage control, but it seems AGS does not give a shit

Umm ok? They made that decision making with that in mind. They lose a few customers, so what? It’s called risk assessment, they decided it’s better to shut down the system while working on the fix rather than letting it be continually exploitable.

What else do you want them to do? There’s no magic wand in the real world.

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Your update is that they are still tracing and banning dupers and those believed to be associated with dupers. They have something that they are testing before they roll out the update.

They cannot give an ETA because there are too many variables to consider, my assumption is that the latest it would be fixed/pushed to public would be during the regular weekly maintenance which would normally occur Wednesday or Thursday.

Damage control would be constant communication from different reps in different regions. On top of that you would have a liveticker for the issue where devs can constantly update the status. Not a hard thing to do and pretty common with different online services.

Their delivery is not meeting your expectations, we get it. This post isn’t going to change that, so what are you going to do about it?

This is an incorrect statement. Seems like you and Zaerick don’t know much about debugging. You haven’t the slightest idea why the problems are occurring. Therefor you can’t say oh this will take less then a day or more then a day. Yes it could be a short simple 10 minute fix…or it could be a problem at the core of the game…which I believe it is. The problems for this game all relate to the same thing…Absolute shit netcode

“Debugging server codes with a known exploit does not take multiple days usually.”
Incorrect it could take as little as 1 hour and as many as 500 Hours. You aren’t in there position and you simply DO NOT know.

The real issue here is the game is at a halt. People are tired of grinding and not getting rewarded PVP is at its best mediocre. New World was a good game while it lasted. I don’t see any sort of changes that could fix the current state of the game.
Day 1 I started playing and with how crazy the AH is…You can simply tell this economy just will never last.
Let alone you can have as many accounts as you want by simply family sharing. Hello Unlimited free bot accounts…or free bank accounts…or whatever you want todo with them.
This game was released broken from day 1. Each day that passes huge amounts of damage is done and although they are saying they will remove duped gold…I highly doubt they will actually get it all. Which still leaves a big unfair playing ground

Your just asking them to rush out some basic fix to make you happy as a short term fix and then more stuff be wrong. Give them some time alot has been going on the last week I’m sure there trying as hard as they can. At least we can still play.

hey devs what are you doing, give this man access to your JIRA, he wants live updates, you should give him update every hour instead of focusing on fix, and do not give us updates on timely manner which can be found under dev tracker, or announcement section of forum… its 2021 you should not relax and enjoy time with family! work for us!.. okay now?

And if you don’t do it soon he is going to … make another post!

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It is not just fixing the exploit.

They also HAVE to deal with those who used this exploit for extra items/gold. If they enable the trading post, those duped items or currencies can be distributed around making it harder to trace and dealt with. Those could also just distribute items randomly and have innocents involved on their cheating.

So, even if they had the fix ready, they can’t enable trades yet to control the existing duplicates. Pretty sure once that wave of bans gets done, the trading mechanics will go back to normal.

Yes, but they did say they would update us in the Morning and it’s not morning anymore.

Communication is all people are asking for