Where is our update

yeah they keeps delaying us till they release the update. I wish this small problem will not longer than week cuz I am starting to hate this game without the market :slight_smile:

Another update…more geared toward status of wars/pvp and whatnot.

Because he’s not part of the economy team, and war/PvP is still very much a top priority issue.

Because they are on damage control, and need some “positive outlook” news.

Pretty broad use of the word promise you have there. Nobody promised an update.

So much is wrong with your approach. They can do server updates all day long, it won’t fix the issue unless they actually find the broken code that is allowing the exploit. Then they have to correct the broken code or write new code to patch it, all of which requires testing to make sure it works. Then and only then can the update be sent to the server. This isn’t a question of “modern server structure” (which by the way is hardware, this issue is software based). Once you have some idea of how programming code works - it is that hard.

I don’t see the word promise in there. Unless “We/I promise” is used, then no promises are made. People need to quite assuming that anytime a statement is made it is automatically a promise.

I mean, if you want to be technical, No. It’s an MMORPG. As long as it is in active development with DLC or expansions forthcoming it isn’t really a finished product. By their nature MMOs are not finished until they day they go offline.

You’re talking as if developing and fixing a game is just a walk in the park. I’m telling you, it’s not.

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clearly, they just forgot which lightswitch was to enable/disable the bugs and which one was to turn on and off the lights. simple!

Why do people keep defending this company? It is a product and agreement to deliver a service. It’s broken and needs to be fixed asap and compensation needs to be made for the time it’s been handicapped. People are JUSTIFIABLY pissed that this crap happens and don’t tell me to just go play another game! I want to play the game I bought and if I can’t then the company needs to offer compensation not EXCUSES!


Here is a tissue for your CRIES. While your tears are watering the Mojave Desert, know that the game will not be fixed now based on your demands so please blow your nose, and be patient. If you can’t, then I suggest you go back to other things like sewing a sweater for Christmas with a logo that says “New World Made Me CRY”.


Where are the high end legendary crafting mats?
About to put this game on the shelve and not look back.

No I wasnt the one whio made the car to MMO comparison. Maybe learn to read?

If I say i will update you in the morning, that means I WILL update you in the morning. Lick more boots

Which means it is an ongoing service, which is what I claimed. Some other person said I bought a product not a service.

Guys, stop crying. The New World team is working on it, let them do it. People don’t understand that Amazon it’s not New World. For those who said it’s an Alfa, well it could be, but then you all been playin an alfa for more than 250 hours just for 40$. I’ve been playing for 185 hours and I don’t regret nothing, the game It’s awesome and has potencial. The cheaters and the glitchers are the problem, and also the impatient people. Let them work, go outside and play the real life.

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Guessing the fact that the last response to this was 4 hours ago means the servers are back up and everything is somewhat ok. :crazy_face:

“New World is DEAD!!11”

also in the top three most-played games on steam since the day it launched

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