Where is our update

There is no FIX. They will have to shut the game down and issue full refunds to all players.


ye dude i heard the unpaid intern they sent to flip the “dupe exploit” switch back to the off position got lost in the back rooms of the office somehow

that kinda takes priority, i think

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This post is quite on-topic, as it points to the absurdity of the idea that any of the problems facing the game can be solved with a “super simple fix”.

Not so sure I get the point of flagging lol


Or shut down all servers, rehaul the game, fix the bug think with their heads and relaunch the game !


Because people might hold them to a standard most people are held to in their jobs? Such as communicating in a timely fashion and keeping to timelines? If you say we will tell you more in the morning, you do that. Even if it means we are still working on the fix.


People keep using this word when no such thing happened.

TrevzorFTWCommunity Manager


Hey everyone!

We appreciate your patience while we work through these issues. Our team is currently zeroing in on a fix for the exploits that necessitated the turning off of all wealth transfer in New World. We are planning to deploy the change as soon as we complete our testing.

Please stay tuned for additional information when we have it!


Yes i do.
Debugging server codes with a known exploit does not take multiple days usually.
And communication and possible ETA can be done anytime. Even just to confirm that they actually did not find the issue in the code or that they are testing it and will deploy with the patch tomorrow etc. Communication is key when you disable major features of your always online product.
P.S. most big server providers fix issues within minutes. They say sorry when it takes hours. That includes the parent company with AWS. And i expect the same server stability etc. from AGS in this case.


But are they fixing knowing bug and exploited one ? if not ? that give nothing !

i have no idea…this was the only post.

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“We will have another update in the morning Pacific time.” Even “we’re still no closer to a fix, sorry”
perfectly qualifies as an update

Ah well we got an update that says nothing. No fixed ETA. just that they work on it. Not cool.

you impatient Minecraft kids need to be banned


I work in IT. Identifying the problem is usually the easy part, fixing it can be complicated. I am often asked “so how long until you can fix that” and the answer is usually “about 10 minutes after I figure out why it is acting this way”. If they had an accurate ETA they would give one, not having provided one means they don’t know yet. And if they did provide one and they missed it the fourms would be on fire with people claiming they broke a “promise”.


Impatient? Nope, we just hold AGS to the same standard as we hold the parent company Amazon who operates one of the largest server services on the planet, AWS. Fixing minor issues for multiple days while keeping your product non-functional and communicating like that is not what customers expect.


we re not impatient, we don t want to play like many other that are encouraging exploit in games while they are supposely fixing thing, these people are getting way much ahead then you in a PVP game ! It s unacceptable, that s why when they want to fix something, SERVERS HAVE TO SHUT DOWN

For demanding better from a company I paid for a service from? Never had a boss before?

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I am worried about how I’m going to pay tax on 3 houses… it’s due in 2 days :’(

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Holding people accountable isn’t being impatient.

Some of us have been waiting for years, been through multiple playtests to give feedback to sculpt the game it is today, and after all of it, this was the product we got. We’re allowed to be upset and infuriated.

This isn’t a “let’s be patient” moment. The game is still PROGRESSING and we cannot PROGRESS with it… Do you see the issues that creates? Upgrades fallback due to not being able to pay taxes, Invasions knock upgrades further back as they’re currently not scaled properly, this is outrageous. The higher your town is the more downgrades you get, and on top of it, you can also lose your territory still???


Do you have an support contract with them? Does it identify SLAs and response times? I mean, if you want to be treated like one of their big boy customers you need to pay them the big boy dollars. They don’t supply the level of service you are expecting for $40, trust me I work with AWS every day.

FFS here’s your damn update:

Wait and be patient. Stop wanting stuff now. Put your temper tantrum into the black hole LOL.