Where is PvP, if there is?

Hi. Where is PvP pls ? iam flagged, no one attacking me and when I attack someone, they start to escape and it is no fun. Iam on full server.

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I have no idea why there are no dedicated PvP servers where you’re flagged all the time.


Have no idea… but what strikes me is the thing you guys are already whining like this game is out for a year or so… the game is fresh… i have no idea how is PVP atm, but as far is i know they said it will be in the game, and i belive in a few months things will start to evolve… but if you all want full game, finished with lots of expansions - you need to go play a game that is out for few years… Its really strange that we want full game, comparing the 1 week old game with games that are out for 5 or more years… that is plain stupid…

You can toggle and untoggle pvp at a settlement or shrine.
Once you leave the safe zone a timer runs until you go into “pvp-mode”.
The default key to toggle pvp is “U”.

The pvp its gone with all the noobs and pve players crying about scale now all the people are rushing to 60 because low lvl pvp its a waste of time


Open PvP isn’t fair and will never be. What did you expect by going PvP by yourself ? Epic duel after a bow like gentlemen ?
The world is changing depending on the flow of pvp, if you’re trying to disrupt it by yourself, and get angry when 5 players of the defending factions goes against you, i’d say open pvp isn’t for you.
As for duel request, why would they be interest in an activity where there is nothing to gain ? You’re the only one who want to vent his anger and clean his ‘honor’

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Beta had tons of pvp, but the pvp had great rewards and was encouraging. I’ve heard rumors it’s bugged atm but I’m not sure. All i know is after an hour of pvp i got like 26 weapon mastery and 1 drop. No one is flagging because AGS took away every reason anyone would possibly want too, or because it’s bugged. I did get a huge burst of weapon mastery when i killed someone at a fort, but it was a 1 time thing, after that i got nothing. It’s definitely wonky and needs attention.


Everybody just started there character at or around launch.
People are leveling up, crafting and exploring the game.
A lot of people want to level up first before starting to PVP.

Level 26 today and flagged all the time now

Because the maps are setup for griefing.

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I would jump on a permanent flag server asap. Omg it would be so fun.

Maybe you need to learn how pvp actually works in this game before complaining about it?

In any pvp game the player or players will use any and all unfair advantages including using exploits or broken game mechanics against you. Never expect a fair fight or the fight you were hoping to find, but I suppose you could duel request people in the least.

People are complaining on PvP and combat system since the alpha, and they just don’t care… I hope the rainbow Lion will be back on the shop :slight_smile:

no one wants them. You can flag 24x7 on any server making it a PvP server but no one wants zergfest gankfest open world

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The people who don’t want that should just not join these servers. There are more than enough people who want dedicated PvP servers.

Its dead. No ones is flagging because people found out scaling is basically gone. Why bother flagging if you have no chance of fighting back and just get one shot by the higher levels camping outside of town.

Have fun rushing to 60 instead of enjoying the leveling process because that’s the only time pvp will exist.

Every 1-25 zone on my server is filled with people who are 30-40 running around and no newbie is going to bother flagging into that. On top of which, the meta is currently to just zerg the pvp mission objectives and not to really fight. These were all super obvious outcomes and were brought up constantly in the beta, but here we are. Just have to hope Amazon eventually makes pvp fun.


It was pretty fair in the closed beta. Scaling during the closed beta worked extremely well.

I agree, I came from souls expecting more skill based PvP, that was what was promised with this game. I stay flagged solo and in groups. Very rare do I find other 1v1s but when I do it’s a blast, even if I die. Not many people have the confidence to PvP solo even though you don’t really lose much when you die, besides distance to walk where your desired destination is. Even though all you have to do is stay on top of making a quick camp every 500m.
Had an experience where I was 1v1 and another person came of different faction. They started filing it and I waited for one of them to die before I initiated combat, but that respect comes from playing souls game.
I made a post about how to possibly incentivize more people to flag solo. Right now, the longer you flag give a bigger reward to anyone that kills you, I like that, but I also considered that on top of the in place incentive, that the longer a person is flagged they also can generate higher rewards from kills themselves.
Wish people didn’t think that waiting to lvl 60 means PvP is viable, yeah there’s gank fests, always will be, but being flagged and exploring on your own, being in real constant danger, and coming across fights is way more rewarding to that would insists everyone try out.

From the sounds of it, pvp is one of the main focuses for this game. PvP and crafting are the 2 main focuses. I am sure you should be able to see chat of people all organizing groups etc. I know on my server it is at least half talk about pvp and where it is happening at. So I don’t think you should have a problem finding out where the pvp action is at.