Where is PvP, if there is?

You need more stuns with your class if they are getting away, or have a teammate stun focused

I’ve noticed the PvP tends to be people paired/grouped up rather than solo. But on my server at least there is quite a bit of PvP trying to take territory from each other I think there are currently 3 wars pending and 2 more in the works unless the other faction managed to push back hard enough. There seems to be a large group of really late night PvP people that push territory standing after everyone else goes to sleep.

places to PK - opposite faction controlled areas.
If u can’t find anyone try out these areas
10-25s: hermit shrine. In monarch bluffs border.
20-30s: near lvl 25 dungeon entrance
30-45s: near lvl 35 dungeon entrance

what is a good pvp server?

Probably trying to keep other factions from gaining influence.

I’ve been flagged as soon as I could, and I’ve been experiencing a lot of open world pvp. I see your point though. Most people are not flagged and when they do see pvp going on, they just get in your way by standing between you and your opponent…

Again this is horse shit stfu with scaling in level 22 and killing up to lvl 38s. U are just repeating what people are saying. There’s no way at my level in beating 33 and 35 I’m 23. Scaling my ass

Good question. It’s also way too laggy on my server, people are warping everywhere as soon as pvp is being engaged in. It’s impossible to hit anything. Outside of pvp everything is fine and there are no problems.

Might be because my server is apparently a Ukrainian/Polish server for some reason? I don’t know, but it is impossible to pvp which is ruining the experience of the game. It’s not like it’s FPS lag, it seems like it is some sort of weird desync

I’d love some sort of 10v10 etc PvP etc you could que for at any level. Just add some separate gear for it you could farm by just doing those matches. Start everyone with a base set, normalize everyones level.

I think a lot of people would like that. Randoms could PvP easier that way. Only allow groups of two to que together initially.

I just started so I’m not even sure what there is outside of world PvP and level 60 PvP.

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