Where is the combat balance update?

I really don’t think they have any clue about combat balancing yet. They’ve left most pain points from alpha and beta untouched. They somehow created more issues than they were solving. Tons of things aren’t working properly either, so balancing is impossible. As long as roughly 10% of every weapon is bugged and doesn’t work as intended you simply can’t balance the weapons.

I am a full focus healer and die all the time from 1 or two silver mobs in PVE. In PVP, if you use the right combo of attacks, I die pretty easy as well in full heavy armor. 2 skilled dps can kill a healer super easy, its not like as a healer I am going to do any major damage to anyone in PVP. My role is healing only, dps is left to the dps.

If you nerf healing even further, no one will stay alive in PVE scenarios. I am pretty sure in this situation you are purely talking about healing in PVP. The reason healers seem so strong in PVP is becaue there is hardly any weapon that actually does any real damage. Balance all the dps weapons better, and this “healing” problem goes away in PVP.

Honeslty I’d like a combat patch before an update. We still have skills that don’t work as intended and passives that do not apply their bonuses. Fix the game first, balance the rest later!

What to nerf:

  • Full Health Damage Gems should only be able to work after 20-40 seconds once Health was lost.
  • Light rolls should or rolls in general should not create faster movement than the fastest walking movement
  • Add iframes according to the weight and not just normalize them at 16

What to buff:

  • Buff every skill of every weapon that is not meta right now so create more variety

What to add:

  • More gem variety
  • Add riposte to end this overpowered blocking bs
  • Add Poise to armor

What to rework:

  • Stop heal stacking / resistance stacking
  • Animation lockout in general is the reason why heal needs to be so strong stop it for god sake
  • Stop with this gigantic amount of ability cancels and barrel roll backflip knockouts

Doesn’t matter what your build, you’re always going to be weak against something. Thinking you should be able to fight off anyone or anything is an error. Thats what the combat teaches you.

Not denying some balance issues but I think it has more to do with vulnerabilities in some builds vs others.

So you went from playing what is considered to be one of the strongest pvp builds in the game (not including life staff), to an inferior one… What was your point again?

Unless you are using life staff. It is unbeatable in its current form and needs to be heavily adjusted.

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I have life staff as secondary, it actually less effective than using potions.

you are a GA main, I guess :wink: ?


Idk bow need a few tweaks but lvling with bow is way to easy in my opinion. I’m lvl 60 rn and do elite zones alone. Up to 6500 - 8800 crit on full charge and 2500 to 3000 normal hits. Ofc it changes on the enemies. As far as kiting goes i think there is always plenty of space.

Bow does need an arrow speed buff. At mid range in pvp you can dodge an arrow by walking to the side after seeing it fired. If dex build is meant to be a huge damage dealer like fire, which it is meant to be that, then archers need to be able to get heavy headshots off which is pretty impossible in pvp unless the person you’re firing at is fighting someone else, and even then everyone is moving and dodging at all times so by the time your arrow reaches where you aimed you missed. Predicting movement is something you should be doing for anything ranged, but this doesn’t help much when your arrows move slower than fireballs and have 10x smaller hitbox than them. To mitigate this they need to increase arrow speed, it’s not realistic anyway to how arrows behave. In this game it takes almost 2 seconds for an arrow to travel 100ft, arrows fired from a recurve bow move at 225ft per second. Should shots need to be lead when a target is moving? Yes, but at this rate it doesn’t even matter if you lead your shots, because they still have enough time to move the other way before it hits them or hit a dodge. The only thing that really works in pvp is AOE arrow skills, and firing light arrows over and over, but this leaves out a huge amount of damage rangers could and should be able to use which is heavy autos.

Combat balance was done on PTR. Buffed the GA, nerf everything else…Balance…

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Lmao and they buffed heals, because that wasn’t already OP.

Bro, at this point I’m ‘trolling’ if I roll a dex-specced build in PvP.
Come on!

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Actually Musket was the reason why I start playing this game. I leveled 60 with Musket and it was super fun. At max level its most useless thing in game.

I hit 60, entered OPR and bam!!! 700 headshot damage to a guy. 1k to another.

I said “yeah I need gear I guess…” Now I have gear, I got one of the best Musket in game and BAM 1k-1.2k HS to a heavy armor guy with 10-13k HP.

Bow is kinda same. When you have to aim well, instead of spamming left mouse button, work hard to get headshots with a “ants-ass big headshot hitbox” that should worth it.

Armors damage reduction on PVP is broken, many weapon is broken. Many perks broken. Yes its a new game and those guys are taking close care to their games. We will see…

I’m coming home after hours of work, I’m dying to play this game for couple of hours. What I got is game pushing me to use some certain weapons. I don’t want to wear heavy with a shield and axe to play PvP.

I’ll give this game couple of months and if nothing changes, I’ll move on.

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best stat is con then str then focus then int then dex. IG can be easily countered by jumping (noting ths is over a month ago and meta has changed allot since then. as for dex it sucks purely because of heavy armor. if you arent running heavy youre trolling. now once they make it worth wearing light it will buff dex as dex counters light armor mages. as i see it the circle should be light beats heavy → heavy beats med → med beats light and same for str beats dex -dex beats int → int beats str. but because of heavy beating all it makes the balance not working.

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Combat Balancing is happening on the PTR right now:

You’re not allowed to make these kinds of posts. It angers the neckbeards. Imgur: The magic of the Internet I’m just waiting for them to finalize this “balance” patch they have planned to see if it’s time for me to quit. I’m tired of playing weak builds and I dislike playing melee.

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