Where is the fix for Gravity Well?

Your combat is broken, Gwell can almost one shot players now. Game is full of GA/BB users running around, this isn’t fun. Hurry up with the fix, game is basically unplayable in it’s current form!


It’s intended - devs, probably

They saw that not everyone is using GA so they decided to buff it

Fucking incompetent


It ain’t coming.


GA was clearly underperforming so it deserved another buff. In fact it’s still weak, in my opinion as soon as any GA player uses the gravity well, an atomic bomb should drop from the sky to insta kill anyone on a radius of 30m away from the epicenter, maybe this would make the weapon a bit more stronger.


GA too weak. Not at 100% usage. Needs a buff.

Best balance team of any game.


This patch had next to noting new in it, but was meant to fix bugs, polish and balance. Two huge steps backwards with his patch. I can’t waste my time with this current combat, it’s just a borefest of GA/BB users!


The bug for great axe has existed for a while. since back when players were still knocked down. It’s not unique to this patch

absolutely game breaking lol, wars are even more of a mess right now.


Instead of crying, just adapt.

You don’t even need a BIS axe to be effective now.

Find a mid one or farm temp for a Blackguard and go to work.

Just get a decent suit for OPR and go nuts.

Conversely you could just roll an anti GA build and selectively backcap and murder people.

But that would take actual thinking huh :smiley:

Bro, I’m still waiting for the fix of the root in the grav well KEKW


Devs testing their patches.

Time to be quiet.

Let the player using GA think they are good when pressing 1 button and making 8k dmg.
When fix will come, and it will with some time, you wont see them on forum anymore, and they wont be playing the game anymore :slight_smile:

get 15 GA kills and call in a nuke

I agree wth your state, but GW dont do 8k dmg xd now is 3k max it was around 2-2,2k with perk so less than any musket with normal shotxd GW is now bugged af and deals triple dmg xd

why only 30m, think big, why not 300m. :slight_smile:

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Incompetent, only through the eyes of the unattentive. It’s actually methodical and purposeful designed model. You are just too bias, to the understand the message being presented.

Try to picture what is going on. From an unattached 3rd party observer. The fact that you still are putting in thousands of hours into an incompetent product. Actually says more about yourself then them.

LOL why? This a place for public discourse my guy :smiley:

Not really. Most will still use it as its the current meta for war. You realize the bug is just a bonus? Peeps been using GA since the game came out?

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