Where is the Fun?

I like the game overall, but the Dev’s are missing a very important part of a game…Fun. New World has nothing Fun, Mutations are not fun, it’s just an illusion of New Content that is all Gearscore dependent, You hit the GS check you can do it. OPR is not Fun, if it was more people would do it, Chest runs are not Fun, people do them but it isn’t fun. Running Portals isn’t fun.
Almost everything there is to do in this game is a chore and not fun at all.

What exactly is fun in this game?
Add a Expedition Finder to Queue for them, and remove Orbs.


Lvling 0-60 is fun, other than that is rubish.


1 to 60 was a blast… All the quests all the excitement of getting a better drop. Endgame has always been a sore spot in this game. More content, more quests, more OPR map sets… This game is in its infancy.


1 to 30 is a lot of fun. 30+ is where you start running into repetitive lulls because there’s just not enough unique things you can do at level 30.


Patched out?.


All you do in NW is turn off brain mayb lil fun in opr if you geared enought xd

The director focused on trying to make it seem like there was rich endgame, but it was just grind mechanics.


Find another game.

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You are not supposed to have fun playing this game. If you find something fun, post details to bug reports to have it removed.


Bugs are funny. Xd

I dont get it.
What stops the game from being fun when you hit level 60?
If it was fun on level 59 just keep doing what you did then.
No one forces you to do chest runs if you do not like them. Or expeditions.
I should know because I don´t do those (chest runs very rarely and expeditions never).
And I still have tons of fun.


Fun things become boring if you do it a lot or, this is especially true in videogames, things out of your control impede your fun(bugs and exploits).

Pretty much everything I did in New World was fun in the beginning. Then it got repetitive or the bugs and exploits piled up to sour the experience.

New World is not unique in this. Most games go through this cycle. I hold out hope they will patch it and they will add new content. Just have to be patient and continue to communicate your feedback.

It’s ok to take a break then come back if it’s improved. There is no monthly sub.


The fun in MMOs are directly tied with progression. When you hit 60 a new progression loop is introduced which many can argue is not fun and quite frankly bars or at the very least limits you from content.

Some deal with it better than others. A big factor in the level 60 progression is time from the player. Currently the time investment vs reward is not very well balanced between casual players and the sweats.


Progression in most MMOs is an illusion. As soon as a good part has reached the “goal” the game will push the bar up.
Gearscore 600 to 625 for example.
The best MMOs are actually the ones which do not do this.
I hope NW has learned from the current mistake and will let it rest at 625 and not increase gear score or level any more.


I agree, from level 1 to 30 it was a lot of fun, the island adventure etc, after 30, the missions become slow and dense, the experience obtained is very low, and in general it becomes a race to the death to climb to the top coast to get rid of that problem even when you know how to climb fast like doing missions on the board.

at level 60 the game is nothing more than repeating and accumulating
enter, do the routines to get the aljidez stones, your two pvp games (in which there is no desire since it does not matter if you win or lose), half an hour of farming killing trees or boars, which is the easiest thing for the stone of the farming profession, the daily run of cracks, and that’s it … if you have time to spare you consider doing a dungeon, farming a little more to sell, and have money for what could come in a future patch, improve the house ( how to buy the trophy materials that is faster and more comfortable than going out to farm them) and little else. wars? for what? the benefit of the territory being mine or not is ridiculous, I can play quietly without having to have the territory, it barely supposes a 5% more cost of life

The fun is locked behind tuning orbs. Deal with it.

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Well said.

Fixed that for ya.

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I agree, but I think you are saying it isn’t an illusion in other games (or not as much)…beyond the major patch changes. What NW did, as you reference here, is they introduced an artificial progression.

This has been my opinion for awhile. I don’t believe this team has ever sit down and tried to come up with something fun. They look at player retention numbers and increase grind accordingly. If only they realized people would play much longer if they were having fun.

Playing New World is like having a job without benefits. They have this beautiful world to work with and they have zero passion for it.

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