Where is the logic

I love this game. I am a hardcore pvp healer and ive been playing mmorpg for the past 20 years.

I dont wanna sound like a cry baby but hear me out.
Due to the meta i invested a lot of time and gold to go full heavy healer because i had no choice light and medium gave no healing bonus and everyone was using GA and WA.

Now that amazon made these changes i feel like i am stuck with a full voidbent armor that is useless for my class.

Amazon should allow us to do a one time armor change to whatever we want because i am not going to grind and use my precious time to gear up again. This is so frustrating and it is pushing the core players that are left to leave the game.

That’s new world. Love it or leave it.

You should leave something else…

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This was a change and a fix. I’m sure you knew what the intention of the different armor sets were for and may have even read that it was a bug if you scrolled the forums. I never considered once on making a heavy healing set for this exact reason.

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Well so if i wanted to go pvp i had to accept to get crushed by all the dead brain meta players?

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I have pvp’d in light gear since day 1. There are other benefits to light gear

Dodging is cool but yeah…i guess i am wrong for asking amazon to fix something they poorly designed

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No, just wrong for thinking they care.

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I am not sure even Amazon has that kind of money.

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Pioneer life is tough. Don’t play a brand new mmo in the first 6 months and get attached to anything.

I once learned the lesson don’t buy a computer game pre-release.

AGS fooled me here.

I figured with the Amazon name on it an Zon money to play with, they couldn’t bugger it up too bad.


The others that got nerfed should also have their gear re-rolled? Uh, no. This was a balancing changes. You’re not meant to be that tanky and heal that much.

Whats wrong with giving a free re-roll since its their fault

Trust me, as a full time healer, heavy is still the go in pvp :+1:

They tested light etc after the patch its still not worth using.

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Found if I add around 50 or so More Focus I heal the same as I do in Light. Depends on how much focus you have though. I was never maxed out on the last perk because it wasn’t all that useful for me so I went a hybrid build of in and foc

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Thanks for the response.

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How are you crying over having voidbent armor. I can’t even afford one piece of it let alone a whole set

I was sympathetic until you started speaking for other players.

I also have full voidbent, I go for 210 con (then use +40 con food) to get to 250 and the rest into focus. Focus jewelry and focus on both my weapons. I run ls/hammer so my hammer has focus with a Lil bit of strength, but I’d have full focus there too once I find one.

I still did the most healing in last night’s war and though I did die a few times, I wasn’t NEAR as squishy as some of our other healers who wore light.

Thank you for the feed back