Where is the patch

So people a wondering where the update is, and what time. u talking about "an update tomorrow morning. but when ??? we still waithing??? what is the ptr for ??? why have a ptr then ???

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ptr doesnt help if there are just people playing blunderbuss in opr, not reporting bugs so they can abuse them on live ( which happened at release btw… )

There will be an update about the state of the update sometime, possibly by noon PDT…

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we need better intel on the situation, people are waiting here with no clue on whats happening, and yea i get it people only play “ptr” but do they not have a team on it testing things ? it arent our jobs to find the bugs. they should

true, feels like we are the worker on ptr…^^

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They’re busy making sure that when the patch breaks the game, it’s done in only the most tasteful way.

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are we atleast getting paid ?

They proofed once again that they are just bunch of amateurs and they dont care about loosing player base every single day.

ANY PublicTestRealm’s are ment, as a player, to test and Bug report. If you go on a PTR just to have (think) a head start, you are wrong. They do have people playing the game and testing it. But they need, like any other game out there, real players who actually add to the test experience by giving feed back, report encounter bugs and possible exploit. Being negative about is not helping at all. I have never seen such a pro active company givng this base game a fix. Participate, elevate. Stop trolling, you payed 40 buck.

In all of the games i have played i have never been so disappointed before… This is weak

i get u. but this arent professional at all. they should have a team on it all the time. people dont have time to bug report all the time, we not getting paid for it. we go in and try the new things… and if we find a bug we report it. but this one is a mayor one since they need time to fix it.
so its not on us at all. so pointed it out like “we” didnt report enough is mental

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they promised an update this morning if they wait till noon thats just another lie from them

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noibody gives a fuk about that patch, we need desyncs fix and a lotmore that are asked

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they just posted its today at 2pm PST and down time of 2hours

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Its got to be something big, something they did not see, unfortunate. I hear you on the no benefit from giving time to help out. Maybe they could give u a exclusive set of skin piece by piece as you participate in the elevation of the game. I dont know. Something… Theres too many haters still on board on theses forums, on social medias, that are only looking at drowning AGS regardless of what they do. Which is kind of sad. They expect perfection NOW. im almost 2000 h in NW. I have nothing to chew anymore. And i patiently wait. Cause this is the best 40 buck i ever spend in a game.

amazon… payments are irrelevant, even if they do, its minimum wage

good news bois

they should incentivize bug reports in ptr. with some in game items on live servers.

or and hold on for my wild idea… they hire more QA tetsers

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