Where is the update regarding Blunderbuss perks?

This is getting ridiculous at this point. The 2 perks for net shot have been disabled for almost a week now with 0 explanation.

When are we going to get our perks back or an explanation as to why it has been disabled? Feel so gimped without the slow right now.


Would be nice to hear something about it, like why they were disabled in the first place.

Hello! :mage:

At this time, the perks for the Blunderbuss will remain disabled while the Dev team investigate an issue with them, as stated in the following post:

We appreciate your patience while the team investigates these issues and share further information regarding this. Please do keep an eye on the forums for future information! I’m sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Thank you for your patience.


Seems to me like AGS discovered something that is an issue, and is trying to get behind it before its exploited and messes with the playerbase. A long time ago there was an issue with some hatchet abelites that caused CRAZY multiplying damage buffs, and for a short period, the hatchet was the only thing people were running. Thank you AGS for getting behind this potential problem right away, and disabling it until there is a solution. Yeah if you used those two specific abilities on the BB, and the BB is the only weapon you use, it sucks. But for the entire rest of the playerbase, we appreciate not having an exploit throwing pvp out of whack for a couple weeks.

I remember and I have no qualms with them dealing with it. Just curious what the issue actually was and a round about time frame we might expect a fix.

Is there any word when this will be coming back. been trying to enjoy BLbs but definitely that was a staple in my build.

Its been well over a week almost 2 weeks approaching…completely gimps the BB gameplay. Why has there been no fix/update yet?

bump, any updates?

What exactly was the issue? I didn’t ever notice anything with it. Just curious. Also is there any news on when it will be back and fixed?

probably there was no issue that’s why they take so long to fix it, bc they didn’t even found the issue yet.

this is like next level trolling from ags, deactivating abilities out of nowhere for two weeks and nobody even knows why.

Hello again!

At this time, as stated before, we unfortunately do not have more information regarding an ETA for a fix, or when the perks will be re enabled. By the way, welcome to the forums, @jrquadros !

I understand these perks are staples to a Blunderbuss build. I recommend that you keep an eye on the forums for further news about this in the future. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you again for understanding!


there was an issue. at first i thought they disabled it because netshot keeps firing into the ground half of the time but its still the case and disabling the perks didnt do anything.

someone one torikus stream yesterday said that the netshot with those 2 upgrades kept sending people to the desktop in wars (like literally ALT F4ing them). guess they are trying to figure out whats causing it

Yea, i notice that all the time. I wasn’t sure if it was just my game. Glad it happened to you too. @distantefix can you take a look at that too? It happens a lot.

I love it when a move is disabled for two weeks :slight_smile: and the reasoning can not be said why and no eta is given :slight_smile:

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Holy we’re really about to have two perks on a skill disabled for a month while it’s also bugged… does anybody know if the net shot bug firing into the dirt on the known issues list?

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They might as well just delete the weapon from the game at this point. Clearly gives no f— about it.

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Hello! :mage:

I’ve come bearing great news! The post mentioned earlier about disabling the perks has been updated:

The perks have been reenabled! Thank you for understanding and for your patience!


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