Where Lazarus Bow?

How is it that I didn’t get a single EPIC Lazarus Bow after close to 100 runs and finishing mutation 8 on gold yesterday?

All my mates are getting epic lazarus bows every 2nd or 3rd run, but not me.

I’ve gotten multiple epic and legendary “Will Of The Ancients”, “Sol”, “Featherweight Ring”, “Frostgrasp”, “Smooth Bonering” and some “Fury”.

But not a SINGLE epic or legendary Lazarus Bow.
Is something wrong with my account? Is it intentional that you don’t get what you need?

In best regards. :slight_smile:

Server: Dry Tree
IGN: DatWilliam

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It’s account based. Some can get it and some can’t.

There are players and accounts (multiple) that have over 1400 hrs and have never looted a Stacked Deck or Loaded Dice. EVER. once.

Its absurd how the players are treated unfairly.

I think it is game design that you do not get what you need. I have the same experience.
Probably it is best if you reskill to something else for a while, do 2-3 runs until you get the bow and then respecc to Bow again.

Yes, I am one of them.
But I dont care, because it does not work anyway (for me obviously).
So all I can do with it is sell. Who cares.

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RNG can be a bitch thats all it is. Took me 200+ gen runs to get a single dooms earring to drop. Keep grinding :slight_smile:

I did close to 100 runs to get mine as well. Don’t give up dude. I got mine at 596 only and had to upgrade to legendary.

While you don’t have it you can use the Creeping Recurve from Genesis which is easiest to drop and almost as good as Laz Bow.

Yeah. If you say so :slight_smile:
Try this: let you Blightmoth Dust (or something else) run out. The stuff you need for the Topaz Attunement potions.
Then farm blightmoths, you will only get death motes.
Now buy a few so yoi have spares. Sell all your death motes.
Farm again: you only get Blightmoth Dust now. No motes.

yeah. find out the drop rate. Farm 1000-10000 of them then come back to me with the stats.

Im not saying you are wrong but small data does not equal evidence

Yes, it is anectodat evidence at best, I am aware of that.
I only have data from 3 people and not enough drops.
But something smells

Our Bow users is feeling the same way. We have all gotten multiple Lazarus Bows and he hasn’t gotten one to drop.

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It was like our healer never seeing Will of the ancients and a guy in our group gets one like every run but would never heal.

Other games solve this by making loot tradable within the party for 1 hour or at least inside the dungeon if they were there for the kill. Not NW they would rather stick to archaic methods cuz “might finish in a week and then what”

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