Where nerf of IG?

You have removed all powerful defensive weapons for dex and strength users such as the rapier and hatchet.
But why didn’t you touch the IG? This is just next god mode weapon for everyone like hatchet now. Pls remove cleanse effect from Ice Tomb and reduce hp of tomb. Cooldown of this ability is ok if you remove cleanse effect and reduce hp.
I don’t think that anyone will want to play this game for the next 3 months if you don’t do anything with this ability.
P.s. ice pylon need nerf too. It should disappear after changing weapons.


so you want nerf to ice tomb?


why do you think ice tomb is too strong?

The abilities of weapons should scale with the attributes.


This is immune ability like hatchet now. So why can’t this ability be touched now after nerf of hatchet and rapier?

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IG is so weak that it does not need nerf. IG has only 1 broken skill and its broken only in dules: ice pylone. In any other mode that skill is not an issue. And any other skill of IG is super far away from being broken.

Tomb is fine. Very well ballanced between what it was on release and super nerfed version.

And you should be ashame. You ask to nerf pylon and tomb while you play GS. Rlly dude?


you mean perk cleansing tomb?

if i understand he want nerf cleansing perk " cleanse all debuffs"

He is a typical mele player. Should be ignored. Does play GS/spear with duo with other GS/Hatchet - 100% time on arena. They ask to nerf anything that does kill them: bb, ig, fs. Anything u can think about that can kill GS.

Cleanse debuffs is only reason tomb is very good skill.


i agree , ig don’t seem so strong and ice tomb you can destroy it with 3 hits don’t need less hp

Tomb is very well balanced. And asking to nerf any utility on it is crazy. Couse all it does is clean utility. No dmg. In fact whole IG is utility weapon. Alone cant do much dmg.

Typical range player =D Try to playing as melee player vs spam slow and light armor. I think we can duel, you can use GS and I can use bb. Will be interesting fight =)

Where is your data from bb test u promised to post on forum? It was few days ago and still not on forum.

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If you think ice pylon and ice tomb are broken

Then guess you have broken skill issue

And before you say typical range player am voidblade/ig light melee player and don’t have ice pylon on my build

You ignore my sentence.

Absolutely right. They have unnecessarily ruined so many good weapons and abilities by not doing this.


Yes i do ignore. Couse i dont have build for gs pvp and wont spent gold on it. I have some general items but its to full around, not for duels. And you do have bb build already couse u are testing ig/bb on arena for few days.

Plus based on my experience with you here on forum and your friend insuling me after he died to vines + bb combo when he was hatchet/gs - having escapes on both weapons. I dont want play with u. I will just point out how biased u are on forum. So where are bb tests?

I don’t have gear too and experience also =) But I’m sure that I won’t have problems with melee players while playing bb and ice. You can check youtube and find dozens of videos with this tests. You can’t type “blunderbus oneshot build” or what?)

Cool. Then go duel mele players.