Where nerf of IG?

No, need to check you skill bro =D

U played vs me on arena. I can duel with items i have. So FS/IG/BB light armor. Take it or leave it.

Or buy pvp gs gear for me, give me 2 today to practice with it and i can duel.

The point of the argument is that you say something about melee weapons, but you can’t play it well yourself, while I can play ranged weapons and beat you without any problems.

I do test mele in duels with friend when i want to understand how they play. Does not mean i have competitive gear for this builds. In fact my Gs in lvl 16. But its enought for me to test how this weapon does play what it can do and cant do.

And i do have some basic items for mele. Just not for GS.

So. Where is GS test data?

Duel is not 3v3, Opr or war. But even in a duel you can never kill bb/ig with any melee weapon. Especially with the pylon =D This is clown ability and working like aimbot.

And I’m asking edits for the next patch, not this one. There all melee weapons are heavily nerfed. Gs and spear too.

I dont play ig/bb. Never even try it. I play fs/x couse it brings me fun. Im not meta slave like you and some ohter players.

So repeat my qestions: where is bb test data u promised that will show how broken weapon is? Next post without answer to this question and i will just add u to ignore list with other trolls.

Ok nvm. You belong there. Now u think gs and spear are weak next patch. Bye troll.

Yes, and they’d have such an easier time balancing the weapons…

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big yes…



IG has had it’s fair share of nerfs. I believe FS and IG has been 2 weapons that has received the most nerfs during the entirety of this game thus far.

IG is fine

Gotta say though, didn’t think IG would be a source of whining on these forums, after the hatchet and musket nerfs.

Do kinda agree that tomb has to much health, only thing I’d change though.

IG’s entomb does have too much hp IMO. I think it’s at 75 percent. Which is way more than hatchet after nerf.

500 con player can use entomb to get a ridiculous punt of effective hp. This was the main reason they nerf hatchet balance change from 50 percent max hp to 50 percent base hp.

Entomb needs the same treatment, change it to 75 percent base hp.

As for other abilities: ice spike, ice storm and wind chill need buffs if anything. And ice pylon needs changing, it is just really annoying to play against.

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I agree IG is weak. But they really need to add hard diminishing returns on ice shower. It’s stupid you can basically have 4 IGs permanently hold one door.

Not many people do this though, hence why you don’t see perma Ice shower at doors.

IG apart from shower, entomb and pylon just isn’t anywhere near as strong as other weapons. It needs balance changes.

Ice storm practically useless, ice spike hard to hit enough spikes to chunk people and wind chill is a meme ability which only has usage in certain situations and can be easily avoided by opponents.

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Tomb has already been nerfed multiple times. I’ve shower has been nerfed multiple times. Ice spike has been nerfed multiple times. Ice shower has been nerfed. Ice gauntlet is a shadow of its former self.

You are all right about offensive potential, but absolutely wrong about defensive potential. After the nerf of the hatchet and rapier, even non-magical classes will use these weapon.

By the way, yes. With this cd is much less. There are already examples when healers and archers take it instead of a rapier. I think there will be more of them in the next patch.

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All the best healers are already taking ig as secondary after the riposte nerfs a while back.

Entomb is as broken as defy death was and didn’t get nerfed at all.

You need mobility on your primary to get away with IG as your defensive. Otherwise you’ll be run down. I only see IG healers when they have bodies to protect them. And then must be more cognizant of their positioning.


Yeah ofc. I don’t see many people solo queuing when they play IG as healer.

You need good positioning and good teamwork around you for it to work.

Not seeing why this crap weapon needs a nerf… Maybe ice pylon damage, about it. If anything. Main bruiser btw.
Entomb is fine I suppose