Where nerf of IG?

You can’t move when you use entomb which makes it much different from hatchet

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So let say if defense potential got nerfed too

So it’s useless on offense and defense

Hatchet has it high offense and high escape mobility

Rapier has high offense (bleed build still need more improvements) and high escape mobility

And hatchet still clear all debuffs and u still has immortatlly which also it cd is low too

IG is around utility and defense that lack of dmg it has ice spike which the only burst skill and the hardest to land which also ice spike got nerfed too and lost it stagger

Also u can’t move while inside entomb any good player can trap entomb users easly once they break entomb . unlike hatchet u have ur haste and immortatlly to run fast from danger

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Tomb has had 30 second cooldown forever. It has cleanses debuffs forever. It scales off base health for a long time. It’s a balanced ability. Learn to play.

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Saying ice tomb is as broken as defy death is probably the most stupidest take I’ve ever heard. Defy death is 3 second duration period, unless someone rips the debuff off you with oblivion or skyward slash, otherwise it has 3 seconds every time, you can be full healed during defy death no matter what and you can run around and either do damage or get out of jail. When you use tomb, it can be broken almost instantly, you are stuck In place and can’t move, can’t heal or be healed or do damage to players. Like holy cow what a dumb take.


now you can’t even with a hatchet. 2.8k health This is a 2 hit joke.

Let be all honest

Defy death were used as dps gain more than being defense. Cuz no need to worry about dying and keep dpsing more while gaining health back unless a vg or gs remove it . It became a fully defense skill

Defy death Now 0.5 with mere heal + lowe cd than old one had and u got ur haste to escape

Defy death still a live saver but ppl hate the fact that u can’t use it as dps gain and defense

People don’t care as much when it’s just something happens every now and then. You used to barely see hatchets in pvp so it didn’t really bug people that much, but when like 50 percent of people you face or more have hatchet it gets old and tiring. I personally only said the nerf defy death needed was just a longer cooldown, but AGS did what they did

Yeah I’m not saying the hatchet change is good. I think defy death was too strong but could have been changed in other ways. Still nerfing entomb doesnt make any sense.

AGS always take things more than necessary which is true

If it only had higher cd and keep it like how it used to be no one will complain

Exactly, that was the main issue, it had a 75 second cooldown, you would kill someone and by the time they get off respawn timer in war and run back it’s already off cooldown rofl, or run back to mid in opr… If it had a 3-5 minute minute cooldown, you would see less players mindlessly running into fights and actually thinking more about what they are doing since that skill has a high cooldown.

SnS has received one buff since launch and it was a bugfix allowing the attributes on shield to persist when swapping to your secondary. Everything else has been a nerf. Leaping strike has been nerfed 5 times. The attack speed was nerfed soon after launch And on the PTR basically every damaging ability on SNS is losing at least 30% damage, and leaping strike is being put in the grave, reverse stab has been turned into a worst version of the SnS heavy attack (basically every ability on left side on SnS tree is unusable now).

IG has gotten nerfs but none of them have been the root of the problem. The problem with IG is that you cannot iframe during the startup animation of icewall, the root and slow applies instantly, and most times before the animation even starts. They could revert icewall back to its old form of a hard root and allow you to iframe it like every other ability and it would be balanced. Devs just don’t get that the abilities that feel overpowered are the ones that you cannot react to because they break action combat game design.

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So freaking true man. You see a IG user running at you and you go to dodge and they start the IG wall and literally nothing even comes close to touching you and your rooted rofl. Just mid iframe stopped In place, like ya okay sure game. Just as bad when hammer stuns hit you half way through the animation rofl.


yeah except the hammer thing is a ping problem, the IG thing is actually by design for some reason the devs want it to not be able to be iframeable. It makes no sense. It is also OP that entomb gets an iframe when it breaks, it was OP for rapier and they patched it out so hopefully they get rid of that from IG as well.

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You can dodge out of entomb but if you manually break it, there is no more invulnerability shortly after. Fairly certain anyways. Pretty sure they removed that in brimstone patch.

Shield did have a significant tracking tune on leaping strike.


very subjective whether you think that was a nerf or a buff. It lowered the skill ceiling on the ability but made it easier to use. Probably a buff for 90% of the players though sure yeah.

there is def still an i-frame when you manually break it, I am like 99% sure of it

meh… it’s like Zhonyas in League of Legends… u basically wait, to die.

  • 0 mobility.
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75 percent max hp and a cleanse. Id take this over the PTR version of defy death in a heartbeat.

And just so you know even though I think entomb is broken, I don’t think it’s as OP as beserk was.

Just as broken, they both never belonged in the game. They are both annoying af to play against. Both needed changing.

It’s not broken. Tomb can instantly get blown up. Just because defy death is getting nerfed doesn’t mean entomb needs to be. Entomb isn’t a get out of jail free card every single time like defy death can be. Entomb if used poorly it’s easily punished.