Where should I buy my second house?

Ok, so I am getting ready to buy my next house. Question is where? I’m leaning towards this nice little 5k shack at the top of Ebonscale reach.

On the other hand, I do a lot of farming for T1 mats in and around Cutlass. As a bonus, I can solo farm Portals there for relatively easy territory standings so I can get my taxes lower. I would like to have a Place in Reekwater, but that is under my faction control so porting there is fairly cheap.

What would you do?

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My first house was windsward second was mourningdale and third ebonscale. I went with the idea of Central and each side of the map. The mourningdale house is my least favorite. Just doesn’t seem like it’s very useful as a fast travel point for me anymore. Ebonscale is great for the gypsum crafting and future additions to the map look to be that side.

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It’s WW, Mourning and Reek for me, with Inn set to Weaver’s. It works for me personally, and Mourning has the only 2 houses with pink doors and shutters, as far as I am aware, so Mourning has been a must :stuck_out_tongue:

Your faction might own a territory now, but everything can change, so I’d not make it dependent on that, as unfortunately we can still not sell houses or change them in any other way. but to abandon.

I’d say if you are into housing, definitely chose a home you like, then make the area fit you, while if you don’t care for housing, choose what offers you the best tele to a territory you farm in a lot.

My first was EF…second EB…third MD…with my inn at SM. This seems to keep my travel costs down for runs. Also, best balance for station tiers.

Id storngly consider Ebonscale,specially if you farm a lot of Orichalcum as there is close farming routes for this. However, other points should be considered as to what crafting shops are upgraded and if there is good Company maintenance of this territory.

I did WW, MD, then EB. My inn is in mountain home but that could be anywhere really. It works for me because my central was WW for obvious reasons. In MD I farm all my star metal, hemp, silk, Wirefiber, and the territory below I farmed all my ironwood and wyrdwood. In EB I farmed all my orichalcum as well as chest runs.

I don’t do these things much anymore but it still a nice spread around the map to port places cheaply. The next area of the map is also supposed to be that western/northwestern side of the map so having a house in EB I think will help.

Don’t buy yet.
Housing needs reworking, or at least get some fees back as the map extends.
The game was so narrowly designed that gave WW and EF a standing position when the first quests encouraged you to purchase there, and going by road to another place was a death sentence. I have 3 houses and rue them constantly, because I have to keep going back to consolidated guild’s territories to keep spoonfeeding them my station fees, specially on low pop servers where there is no other way to refine high tier materials. That’s an entire different topic anyway, so I’d just wait for some housing reworks, maybe transfers, etc.

I got my first in WW, good, central location and borders the other three starter areas, second ended up being MD, which was a good ability to be able to travel there for free, and finally BW, because I didn’t have my standing up in ER, and didn’t want to wait for it. Inn is up in the white areas, depending on what I’m doing.

Somewhere that usually has the hale and hearty buff for +10% health. I bought in windsward and everfall for my other houses so I always have it active.

I bought main in Everfall then smallhouse in Ebon and Reek and bound char in SM…

If you get one of the bigger houses, so you either have a yard or a decent sized balcony, you can use fish to climb onto your roof, for that added chill session

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