Where to get drop of blessed water?

Hi i checked that drop of blessed water drop from any ancients. I spend 3 hours on ancients hunt, named ancient bosses, different lvls and locations. Also did 2 starstone barrows. My only drop is 2x draught of blessed water, draught not drop. I really want to craft something with it, i only got 2 drops from auction house. I have gold, top tier resources, but i have no perk. No one selling it. Where can i get one? Anyone got it?

well my friend i have one but for what i can see it can only be put on melee weapons so im a mage and i cant put the perk that i was waiting the most out of this update so another GG for the mages well done New World

So draught of blessed water drops from any Ancient? or only the top tier expeditions?

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