Where's our 600 Expertise?

With January update max Expertise was increased to 620, which is cool and all, but here’s an issue. A lot of us were 600 HWM back even before the Gypsum system, meaning we were already getting 600 GS drops, now with the update we expected our Expertise to jump to 600 for the slots we already had 600 HWM/Expertise, but those stayed at 590.

I find this disturbing and really, really hope it’s a bug. You’re not adding game content by removing player accomplishments, so they have to jump trough your hoops all over again, and do it the new way.
We did it back then where it was much more tedious and hard, since you’ve broken the Myrkgard AI, we literally went trough hell daily to boost our HWM to 600. We earned that.
And there are players that got to 600 GS after the Gypsum was introduced, so before the January update.

I hope this is not intended and you will be fixing it soon. Everyone that jumped trough your hoops and made it too 600 GS (regardless of pre-gypsum patch or not), should not be stripped of their progress. Don’t punish us players for playing the game.


Here you are just merely a misinformed individual complaining and blaming about mechanics you were not aware of. The GS or HWM or expertise has never been 600 prior to the update. 590 was always the max and with the +/- 10 GS drop of your HWM/expertise, it gave item drop ranges of 580-600.

You are not being punished, you just had bad information.


You do know that they explained beforehand that you have to use gyphsum and drops to get from 590 to 600. It will not adjust itself up. There was a big discussion until they confirmed that you could farm gyphsum casts before the patch for it.

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I’d like to see your sources sir. What you’re suggesting doesn’t make much sense.

Let me clarify: If your expertise is 500 and a 510 item drops, your Expertiese bumps to 510 with that. That same logic works for 590+ gear.

It’s not true to my knowledge that you can only bump your Expertise from 590 to 600 with only gympsum orbs and not actual drops.

Because of this, I see no reason to not count already aquired bumps in the new Expertise increase.

You have a lot of reading to do. Look at updates and dev posts. The information is literally out there. Don’t get mad me or Amazon.

It makes no sense for me to take my time to go find the link for every bit of information available to prove you wrong. I can promise you it is out there. You and you’re group just missed it. Like literally you are the first person I seen on the forums or on my server that missed all this. I’m not trying to be toxic, just saying that if you look, the information is out there.


I’ve been following the game updates, PTR, Dev updates,… Never heard or read of the thing you’re claiming to be true.
Judging by your response I assume you’re just making things up in attempt to falsly reinforce the point you’re trying to make here.

There’s no reason why you would need to increase your Expertise from 590 to 600 with only using gypsum orbs. When Expertise was intertuced players got automaticly bumped to 590 (those who were at that level), I don’t see why this wouldn’t be the case now with 600 max Expertiese.

And please don’t pull the “don’t get mad card”, this is not me beeing mad at you, I am a bit frustrated with AGS, but far from mad at anyone. I want to get to the bottom of this and solve the issue, and I’m not going to simply take your word for factual if it doesn’t make sense and you cant provide sorces of what you’re claiming to be true.



It’s always been maxed at 590. Don’t get mad.


Those who are quick to assume, are usually the ones who end up wrong


You’re ludicrous to support this. Anyone at 590 expertise should have been at 600 today. They wanted you to grind chests/dungeons for an extra week first. This is legitimately their idea of content. Trash.

Don’t like it? Quit the game

Crazy how quick one can get to 600 when well informed and prepared


That’s not regarding this topic tho. Players who already reached 600 GS drops before the update should be bumped to 600 Expertise, since they already aquired said “random open world bumps”.

Don’t you see how you’re contradicting yourself here?

The issue is that players already got those “random open world bumps” to get to 600, and it’s not like 600GS item drops every day. My point here is that this should be counted in with the update, since now we have to go trough the same process we already went to get to exactly the same point “we were”, but this time it will count - I’m sorry, this makes no sense and I really don’t think it’s intended, I think AGS simply just forgot about the bump,

Yes, I was already GS 600 with all armor and most of the weapons even before gympsum were added to the came. Got 600 items dropping every day and now everything is back at 590 and I did mines + Myrk run just few minutes ago and got only 590s and few upgrades. This does not make any sense…

You’re wrong, I can confirm his response to be correct.

Max expertise was 590. You got there from drops/casts

It was previously called HWM which also maxed at 590.

Now expertise goes to 625. Once you get past 600, you also get umbral shards.

They’ve never retroactively applied something to new content. HWM to expertise was just a name change

“Things I did before the patch should be applied after the patch”. Ummmmm, no it doesn’t work that way. I literally had my GS from 590-600 in less than 5 min today because I’d actually read everything and had stockpiled 5 of each cast. I opened them all and vola! 600gs.

I don’t think I am, like you said, It was jus a name change, the way it works is still the same.
I feel that if you got to 600GS item drop before update should count as a bump when they do increase the Expertise level and the way to aquire it stays the same that players were already doing ang got to the point of aquiering the potentinal bump.

I think we need AGS to confirm if intended or not. If it’s intended then I think it’s a really shitty way to treat the plyerbase - regardles of you personally were prepared with casts or not.
Objectivly is just a bad decission to intetionlly make players feel like they got cheated.

We know they can do it, or they could do it because it was the same thing with HWM to Expertise. Now granted it’s not gonna metter much because we will grind that 600GS back in few days before they can even fix this, but I would just want to see what AGS take on this is and if in future we can expect the same sort of treatmet or was this just an oopsie on their part.


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Above picture proves that in your statement here…

You were just wrong

are you for real? you could even see your expertise was at 590 for all your slots when you look at your inventory. It has always been max 590 with a +/- 10 to get you potentially 600.

posts like these are emberassing. this information is literally everywhere.

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