Where's the biodiversity and interesting quests?

Hi all,

I’m level 25 now, just taking my time with the game, but I’ve noticed something which is a little disappointing.

Quests are very samey - Collect / Kill / Travel to x.

Where are the quests in the field where Mr. Jones lost his cat in a tree, and the only way to get him down is with his favourite toy which a mischevious little monster has taken, or Little Miss Jillian has been kidnapped and needs to be rescued etc…I know a lot of people compare this to RS, but even RS had somewhat interesting and diverse quests with dialogue.

The PvP quests (Covenant anyway) is the same: Hold area, collect flint and deliver a message over and over again. Can’t at least one of them be “Kill a player”? On that note - upon death, you lose the quest and have to talk to the quest giver again. I understand the failing part, but do you really have to talk to the quest giver again to retake the quest? Huge turnoff.

So far I’ve killed boars, wolves and various zombies. Maybe a lynx and an aligator here and there, but each starting zone seems to have the exact same biodiversity. I’m sure there’s more to come down the track, but as a new player for the first quarter of the levelling experience, it all seems rather boring and repetitive. A couple of my friends have already bailed.

Also no swimming. This was addressed in Beta, still shuffling across the waterbed.


Quest Dialogue

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