Where's the news on this weeks patch?

Didn’t the devs say there will be news on the weekly update by Tuesday evening? Did I just miss it or did secretly scratch that idea already after not giving us a “weekly update” last week?

First they have to fix the bugs they have implemented with the hotfix


likely gonna see it later tonight wed nights are the usual time now

Do you have an official source for that or is it just what you are thinking?

well they had to fix a dupe issue that for sure pushed it back. now im assuming their fix for this will cause more dupes to happen. then they will have to fix that dupe. then fix the issue they caused by those fixes etc… so maybe in 2050

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What? it was posted by them weeks ago…wed are official patch days…go look yourself jesus. everyone bitched cause they were being done twice a week…

So patch will be tonight it was skipped last week to push it with the void gaunt this week shrugs.

We’re talking about different things here.
They said a while ago that we will get information on the weekly patch by Tuesday night, and that’s what I’m asking about.
Not the patch itself, just the Info-drop on if there’ll be a patch and if yes when it will be.

i’m 100% sure there will be a patch, they seem to wanna push one to keep people playing. they are also going by PST/PDT Time so its still what 9 am for them? may see them post in a few hours likely when the devs give them whats needed to post…

the announcements they make are not there own usually the devs write it up and have them post it or give them enough info to wright what they need same as every company.

So…my guess is they are either A: not at the studio yet or B: Preping everything to toss to the community team to post it for all of us.

My guess is that the patch with the weapon changes and void gauntlet and whatnot will be next week, more than likely Wednesday. The reason I think that is it will be Thanksgiving in the US on Thursday and a lot of corporate type businesses give their employees a long weekend, so no one will be in the office to have to read all of the forum posts about how this is broken and that is broken since they won’t be at work until Monday. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Highly doubt they will patch today, as that might undo the emergency patch from yesterday.

I don’t think there is enough time left in this week to combine the emergency patch data with the actual weekly patch data.

Well they said themselves the bigger patch next week, last week sooo? :grin::+1:

Edit: was supposed to answer the guy under you :sweat_smile:

Why are y’all still expecting a patch this week after all these issues? Their statement is 6 days old.

I’m just expecting a patch because that’s what they said, yea it was 6 days ago but they haven’t said it will not be a patch so I expect a patch until I see a post that says otherwise, simple as that :v:

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