Which archery combat style do seems more appealing

same concept as before. the very simple response that is expected is the below set up for ease of copy and paste functionality:
[vote A,B,or C]
[brief explaination why you like one option over the others.]
[ any other things you would like to chat about below the other 2 simple questions ]

Option A
very plain animations with an emphasis on utilizing specialized ammunition and accuracy and stealth. for mid to long range combat

Option B
Moderate mobility with less utility but a focus on acrobatics and terrain utilization for mid range combat.

(couldn’t find pre designed unreal based animation video)

Option C
free running mobility with nearly an entire focus on the five D’s of dodge-ball dodge duck dip dive and dodge and occasionally shoot in between the D’s primarily for close quarters combat

(other than “dying light1 or 2” videos I couldn’t find a suitable pre designed unreal based animation video. lest I just post an over the top scene from assassins creed or lord of the rings)