Which will happen first?

Which will happen first?

A. AGS actually does something to reduce the number of farming bots.
B. AGS shuts down all NW servers and abandons the game.

A. already happened a few times.


You might add:
C. Leave them be and ignore players that ask for bot check.


In one of the recent posts, staff member said that 9000 accounts were banned. This is nowhere close to what we see in game. In the same response the same staff member said that those bans happen in waves, which, in itself tells botters that they can buy the game and do it until the next wave which probably returns the investment multiple times for the gold sellers.

As far as we can tell, there is no ingame GM/admin characters which could follow and investigate reported players while invisible. All that we know is there are elevated chat privileges for moderators.
Everything goes by “telemetrics” which can be easily fed fake or randomized data. Bad data is worse than no data and this method clearly doesn’t work very well.

On the servers I have played, I have experienced a few of those waves already.

From one day to the other “poof” all mote and ore bots gone.

The staff member told the truth. They ban the bots in waves.


I actually have noticed a huge decrease in bots since launch.

It’s been months since I’ve seen gold selling spam.

Back during the first few months bots were everywhere - even in windsward farming water.

Now I only see the occasional boy running a script but mostly it’s just players hardcore farming


Exactly my experience too.

Personally I think they are doing a decent job on bots now. Every bot I have seen and reported is currently offline in my list. It’s going to be a never ending battle, but they ARE taking action. Could be faster sometimes, but it’s getting done.

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  1. gold sellers are just the same with bot, but they don’t spam wts gold in global lol and they control whole resource cuz they have 24/7 shift workers

They already banned “Over 9000” bots so

I’m not questioning that, what strikes me as odd is telling people “we don’t ban bots one by one, 'yall are safe to do it until the next ban wave” to the entire customer base.

kinda miss the bots im super lazy in games for crafting would much rather buy the stuff super cheap and potions went from being 1$ each to 12$ a pop yea i miss the bots

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