While we wait for the decision about Overwolf

So all I can find about the Overwolf minimap addon is this

Greetings Adventurers,

There has been a lot of discussion within our community on whether it is safe to use certain addons in the game.

At this time, we are still in discussion with Overwolf in regards to addons they may offer including the use of the Overwolf New World Mini-Map addon.

See you in Aeternum!

What does this mean its ok to use atm or not? I hear a lot of people are using this already, do they risk a ban? An official statement regarding if its bannable or ok to use this while you work things out with Overwolf would be very much appreciated.

You have to just be a realist about this, AGS came out and made an announcement and clearly did not state that using any addons from Overwolf would get you banned right now so therefor I believe that it’s safe to assume if they wanted anyone to believe otherwise they would have made that very clear.


That’s how I read it. If they’d be bannable - in my opinion - the Community Manager would have clearly said so and on top of that warned everyone to not use them.

They didn’t even mention the ToS or anything in that regard which for me is a clear sign they’re going to allow them anyway. On top of that it’s impossible for Amazon to tell if you’re using them or not.

Chart is already going down, they did not ban botters or exploiters, doubt they’ll ban you for using a minimap which works exactly like the compass.

It’s still a risk to use, cause that statement says NOTHING about it being ok, just that they’re looking into it to see if it’s something usable on their end that wont risk anything. They’ve clearly stated before this that it isn’t allowed, and that’s what you have to go by until they say otherwise.

Have you not been reading the forums?

Support chat here: Overwolf addons ok? - #34 by Kyosji
Dev#1 respose here: Is this 3rd party mini map allowed? - #20 by Zaphkiell
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Dev#4 respose here: This AddOn can use? - #2 by Moderator_z

These are what we have so far, these are what we have to follow until said otherwise. Amazon probably has to see the code and ensure that it protects itself and others, so they haven’t given the green light. Just don’t use it till they say it’s ok.

Sigh, for the millionth time. Until they specifically say “Yes it is allowed” then the TOS covers it and says No it isn’t allowed.

Until they say it’s not allowed, use at your own risk.

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