Whisper of the Wood Sword will not trade

Ingredients for this sword do not say that when you make this sword, it will not trade.

This is not a bug. The sword is “Bind on Pickup” and always has been. So it cannot be traded.

. So , on the “shattered sword” ingredient, it should say, TO BE MADE AND KEPT BY WEAPONSMITH. So it’s a BUG because it is missing valuable information.

It does say its BoP when hovering over the Sword while crafting.
But I do agree that this should be more visible somewhere…

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Whilst the decision to make all the legendary items and replica items bind on pickup and untradeable is particularly dumb and stupid (among other things it makes levelling weapon smith unnecessarily expensive as you cannot sell any of the level appropriate items you make in the low 100s) it is working as they intended.

Though yes they should make it more obvious BEFORE crafting it.

You missed the topic. The point was to put some kind of a message on INGREDIENTS, using this ingredient will result in a non trade item.

Look at all the ingredients.

@pik_freedom Apologies, you are correct, I was thinking of the expedition replicas.

ahhh i’m correct

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