White Dye not in shop. It was last year with Christmas Event

I was really hoping for another chance to buy the white dye again. I didn’t buy enough last time. Was it forgotten? Overlooked? Was this intentional?

I was willing to drop a good amount to stockpile it up. Super disappointed logging on and not seeing it there. Any chance it gets added in the Future?

Working as Intended

AGS doesn’t make mistakes, this was 100% thought out and planned.

Yeah a bit odd and disappointed that they regurgitated most of last years event even down to the free items in the store but miss that dye. Maybe they will add it next week.

oooof. well, I should just check the Solved Box and have this thread close then,

yeah hopefully. waited a full year and this was excited to get some more so I can dye my new gear. Fingers crossed it gets added soon. Please dev’s see this topic lol.

I was gonna tag you bit decided not to. They removed it from the store 2 days ago, I made a thread to alert everyone about it. It should be back in a few months.

WHAT! NOOOO. Can’t believe I missed it. Do you have any conclusions why they removed it? I’m afraid it won’t come back in a few months because it seemed to be solely with the Winter Event.

No one wants to buy White Dye! Next you’re gonna suggest what… Black Dye?

What you want is one of the awesome dyes out right now! I mean c’mon man, don’t you wanna rock Rouge? It would go really nice with the Fierce Cobalt and maybe some of that Crushed Berry for highlights!

By now I think you probably agree and gonna go buy up that Angelic Satin.

You’re Welcomed btw

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lmaoo wow. you have convinced me.

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