Who actually has gear BIS enough to spend umbral on

I don’t have a single piece I would consider good enough that I would spend so much to upgrade.

I have several legendary pieces, none BIS.

I am not part of a company that brings in millions of free gold per week. Nor am I extremely lucky with RNG.

After like 1500 hours played, not one.

So who does have the gear? Like the top .1% of players?

Is it worth it to increase GS now to cater to those that already have a giant advantage at the expense of alienating the 99.9%???

Do you think that’s a good idea right now?


i have 5 items worth spending umbral on it. Rest needs to be remade.

What territory does your company own

None. Im hardcore trader / crafter.

I said in my post that Umbral Shards only helps the territory owners and absolute most hardcore players. It will only make them even better. This update is ridiculously short sighted.

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Richer get more rich n stronger hahahah its that simple xd


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