Who can explain the math?

3.4k non crit hit on 100% health target

base dmg is 1174 (315 dex)
Bow - jagged + attunement + electric brash (+25% dmg on full health target)

No ranged dmg gems, Inv Punishment ring
So, 10m range passive (15%) + heavy (10%) + full charged heavy (150%) + opening (+20%) + gem (+25%) +first hit (+20%) + mark (10%) + tactics (15%) + 5% thrust (5% dex perk)
(1174*1.5)+5% honing stone
So, abit excel:

Ofc, we do not know full dmg formula, but still, how is it even possible deal 300% dmg on simple heavy shot?

Where is wrong multiplifyer in bow dmg formula?
Via the dmg calculator:

Is it really ok?

ranged dmg need flat 20% reduce plus effective range from 10-40m, anything else from that range 50% less dmg.
this after fix the broken healing

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It’s really not ok

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Because bow is overpowered. Simple as that. Both bow and musket hit far too hard for the low risk play style they have. There is 0 valid excuse for bow and musket to hit that hard from literally 50-100 meters while also having perma haste so they can run away easily from the weapons that can punish them when they get caught. ME is not the issue at hand. It just makes it worse. The ranged meta kills the game and until the devs actually nerf it like they have said they would multiple times the game will continue to lose players. The vast majority of pvp vets hate it. And all the new players loading in that have 0 clue what they are doing all just love to get instantly deleted from places they can’t even see. The power of ranged needs to be heavily reduced, at least in the auto attacks department and the majority the dps needs to be in the abilities.


While I have played this game a lot and exclusively engage in PvP content, I do not consider myself an expert. I’ve played with plenty phenomenal players, though, and I keep hearing the same arguments for why they quit / have taken a break / think New World PvP isn’t as enjoyable: ranged and the damage ranged weapons can deal (performance is second).

Personally, I do not understand why these ranged weapons are allowed to deal the damage they do as this is not an FPS. There 100% should be a severe damage drop off – something in the range of 20% past 20m, 30% past 30m, 40% past 40m etc.

The problem, in my opinion, is that ranged players are at risk only from other ranged players – unless they make clear mistakes – yet they can hit ALL players regardless of whether they are ranged or not. A ranged player that keeps his/her distance should not be touched by a melee player. All I am saying goes for Bows and Muskets, with Muskets being fundamentally broken due to it being hit scan and Bow being merely broken because of the damage it deals.

What I find most baffling is that AGS seems to disagree. I am not going to throw shade. It is pointless. I, however, would love to hear more about how the team responsible for designing combat at AGS feels about Muskets and Bows dealing the damage they deal (in PvP).


It’s totally fine for one reason. Where the hell are you finding players you can non crit over 3.4k. These must be fresh 60s with grey gear or something.

I’m lucky if I can break 2k crit on the monsters I have to fight in pvp.

Also stop saying this is a melee game you bloody degenerates. Same bloody argument in Mordhau/chivalry. It’s not a melee game. Ffs it has wizards.

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yes it is.
the reward vs risk is way off balance in musket and bow.
if musket/bow can 2-3 shot a light melee, then light melee should 1 shot them with any attack, by any i mean any, even an auto attack should instant kill them.
just like in a FPS game, a melee wep should instant kill a gun user.
then it is a balanced reward vs risk.

but right now it is not the case, so it is broken.
however, the more broken wep actually is the lifestaff, nothing come even close to how broken lifestaff is.
auto targeting, tab targeting, and healing ignores iframe makes healing way broken

and whatever builds that can utilize the broken healing the best is the meta.

Right now, bruiser with pocket heal > ranged solo > anything else.

if AGS only nerf ranged dmg, then it will just be bruiser with pocket heal > everything.

AGS really need to fix the broken healing before they try to do any balance patch.

What AGS did and are trying to do is just cover the shet hole of the broken lifestaff and it did not and will not make the pvp anywhere near balance.

Fix the broken healing first, then adjust other wep dmg accordingly so that in a group fight, any wep combination would have a competitive fight.

They did tho. Light armor nerf and rapier nerf was directed towards ranged users. Bow hitbox got fixed recently, and musket + ME is getting addressed next patch, along with bow nerfs. Try to see past the burning red hatred you have for ranged weapons and maybe you’d see it.

Ok then GS heavies can’t hit for 4k anymore

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It’s the same 4 ppl on these forums who complain about bow. Posting out of context screen shots. Like the person could’ve had 550 gs for all we know


On arena you CAN NOT have 550 GS, any gear on arean is 600GS minimum

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i call it “AGS math” cause real math doesn’t add up to what we see in game for a lot of things

600gs is trash. It also doesn’t give you good perks or a good build, or the correct gems. I can go on

yes, please, also tell us, that you never saw hight dmg numbers from bow, close up to 4k on a single shot, right?

I have. I’ve also seen GS hit for 6-7k lol

yes, GS has same strange dmg formulas, where you can x6 of base dmg, and it is also weird…

I have videos where bow with att, keen, ench hit me for 3k+ when I wear full resilent, 17% thurst dmg and full aversions xd I can add them later here or u can check my profile you will find them for sure. There is everything my gear + link to archer yt channel where he linked his gear. No rends on me ofc.

Maybe he got rends from your team member ? Hard to say.

how can it be, if match just started and it was first hit on full health…
Also you can see on screenshot all debufs. Slow from 100% health target (bow passive) and surge from the gem

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Yeah man feel free to link it, I tried checking ya profile but it’s too much content to go through, sorry.

I can only imagine if you are being hit that hard with the gear you say you have it must be from low con high buffing.

There’s no balance to the game. No diminishing returns. BiS perks are overpowered to the point of making a player invincible. Life Staff giving one light armor player extreme sustainability against 5+ bruisers/DPS unless the enemy has applied disease. GS, Hatchet, BB, Rapier, Hammer stuns and damage, light armor, mortal empowerment, Spear cooldowns… there’s zero balance across the board. The only weapons that aren’t overpowered is SnS and Fire Staff, but that’s about to change for the FS soon.

You can name everything that is wrong with every weapon in the game, except maybe 2 or 3.