Who gets the PvP "kill"

Please fix this on PvP (outpost, wars):
The person who gives the last hit and knocks down the enemy, should be the one getting the kill… not the one that just touch the body when it´s already on the floor.
That´s how it is in ANY game… you can play ANY FPS in the world, and it will be the same system.
Reason: Ranged players with slow attack speed will almost never get kills on mass pvp.

ALSO… Where is the “kills tracker”??? we wanna know how many kills and assist we have in our NW life…

Thank you.



I’ve heard regardless of the kill, we get full exp if even hitting the mob once.

If someone attacks your mob it doesn’t affect your exp and vise versa.

As far as I know!

I´m talking about PvP… sorry I didn´t make it clear. Just edited.

100% agree. The person who knocks the target down should get the kill.

Was just coming in here to post on this - sucks not getting credit for the kill after someone takes the finsih.

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Why do you even care?
There shouldnt be any such idiotic statistic at all.

Why do you care? If you don´t like stats, just don´t look at it… most people loves it.

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siege damage doesn’t count for dps but braindead weapons do.

I mean really, if were going to state that one given individual out of everyone attacking gets the kill, it wouldn’t be the last hitter, it would be whoever did the most damage.
But its definitely better to just not track such things.
And kills/damage probably shouldn’t even be part of war evaluation, so long as siege damage isn’t counting for it.

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OK… so you are saying that literally EVERY other game is wrong? In any FPS or MMO you play, ALWAYS the kill goes to the last hitter. And yes, it should be tracked, it is very nice to know how many guys you kill… the problem is, you are getting points in war and outpost for kills, but the kills are going to some guy that didn´t kill, the guy that just steps when the enemy is already down.

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