Who is the original development team of New World?

they must be a team of genius. the bone of the game is so fun.
can AGS sell new world to the original team, or at least hire the header of the team to the current new world development team, so the use base can come back to 100k again?


You can check old interview with Patrick Gilmore.

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thanks, I read through the original design, it turned out AGS turned the game from a fun 100% PVP game to a boring PVE game (with repeated time gated boring request)

now I understand why they hate PVP, and why they nerved PVP, because the success of PVP will prove the incapability of their current leader.


Well, to be fair, you’re slightly off: they turned the game from a 100% PvP game so plagued with griefing that anyone who installed it would basically immediately uninstall it…into a boring PvE game.

Here’s an interview with (ex-?)senior producer Katy Kaszynski describing, very succinctly, that griefing during alpha testing was so constant they decided pretty early in the process to make PvP opt-in: Early New World fans played it like Rust – here’s why the devs changed it | PCGamesN

It basically suffered from the crypto problem: “people who got in very early had a good time; everyone else, not so much”:

“It wasn’t the game that we were creating,” the producer later explains. She says that the original intake of testers loved it – “this is a hit; it’s a winner”, she recalls of their response – but those that joined at the end of the alpha felt more like, “this is really scary to play. It’s not fun – it’s not fun to join a game where I die on the beach; it’s not fun to play a game where I literally can never get the fort because they have so many resources and I just started. How do I catch up with that?”

So tired of hearing revisionist history here about how “fun” the full-loot, forced-PvP game was, especially when half of you likely never even played that version of the game. It was a disaster. That’s why it doesn’t exist anymore.


it’s so easy to resolve, just preserve a PVP area (like US west) and PVE area. in PVE area there is a strict police system so you can’t kill. and in PVP area no police , but more precious ores and loots. people can just level up in PVE area, but can also level up in PVP area a bit faster.

don’t you think this would be much more fun? I could even image the exciting and frightened feeling when I stepped into the PVP area.


Biggest problem I see is with players who mostly don’t actually want to play the game. They want to do some bit of the game, but are resentful of having to play all of the game. They want a more casual gamer experience (such as casual open world PvP) and rarely want to do the necessary grind to actually be good. Everyone is always looking for an angle.

Simplest example of this is every player who says they won’t to just buy shards. Why should AGS optimise the game for people who do not want to actually play it?

People have left the game because they have finished it. They need more content for the hard core players happy to grind.

Yeah! I am pretty sure that after last update, they must be fired. All of them. Amazon must hire experienced people who have ears to listen the players.

No game has ever died because they didn’t keep hard core players happy.

New World did not lose almost a million hard core players since launch lol


I think a forced-PvP zone or two would be a good thing to have, personally, as long as none of the PvE content was located in that zone. It seems like if you force PvP players to do PvE content, they begrudgingly comply, but if you force PvE players to do PvP content, they immediately quit.

There just needs to be an incentive for players to go there, is all, because “the promise of open-world PvP” may be enough for a small subset of players, but most players view MMORPGs as a constant series of transactions: “what is my reward here versus my time investment and the relative danger level?”


The truth is the hype that was built up around rust style pvp with full loot and territory ownership in a persistent sense drew in an extremely large crowd from rust/ark/ect.

Those people were never going to stay in the theme park, ever. Ever ever ever. The only way those numbers would have stayed around is if there were always on pvp with gear drop servers, independant of the PvPvE.

A lot of souls players came expecting souls like combat, that was removed.

A lot of rust/ark players came expecting full contact pvp with loot, that was removed.

They doubled down hoping with the pve that i guess they could maybe retain some wow/ffxiv/eso players but that market even though it’s a lot bigger, is already saturated. There’s no way to really compete in the PVE space because everything has already been done and there’s a crap ton of great pve content out there that can be had for free. (not knocking the story, but the pve leaves a lot to be desired.)

I think the remaining playerbase is exactly whatever this particular niche fills. It’s different than most of the other stuff out there, but it missed several of the larger markets to compete in because of that.


They want a more casual gamer experience (such as casual open world PvP) and rarely want to do the necessary grind to actually be good.

You are conflating time spent opening chests with player skill. Amount of time spent grinding =/= skill.


I mean, we could have had this.

Amusingly, it turns out the players at this stage “are building these structures that are meant to protect their forts – and they do a very good job of it. But it’s breaking immersion because what they’re doing – very creatively – is building a wall, a very big wall, around the fort. And then they’re dragging in a bear. And then they’re building a wall around the bear and the wall. And then they’re dragging in two bears. And then they’re building a wall with the two bears,” Kaszynski recalls with amusement. “So there’s no way that these people can come and attack their fort when they’re offline.”

but this is fun, right? everything is fun as long as it’s against real human being, and everything is boring if it’s against computer. PVE is boring because it’s not person vs person.

I really wish i got to participate in the original madness.

Survival crafting horror, full pvp with no factions, player owned structures, player driven economy, with souls combat.

That’s what i thought i was buying :c


What RPG recognises ‘skill’ without the work?

shakes head

I think if they still have one of alpha builds somewhere inside a forgotten HDD and put that build into PTR, they will make records of players coming back to game. ofcourse they would ruin it again, but it would be fun to see.


You touch on the real problem, as indicated in different ways in this thread, is how to mediate between players with different levels of investment in the game? This has been a constant problem since alpha and especially in the early release period. Lots of players new exactly what to do to race/min-max’d to level 60 and it was not a forgiving experience for those who figured it out as they played.

The company and faction structures facilitate this to a certain extent but they are ultimately unsuccessful. Plenty of PvP centric companies full of gamers convinced of their own ability have burnt out because they don’t know how to be invite others in productive ways. For example, match-making for dungeons will likely come too late as everyone is likely 625 now, so it is kind of pointless.

It is a problem of organisational structure in game premised on hospitality and welcoming all forms of casual play style. Should these casual players expect to get the same ‘reward’ as players who have invested lots of time? No, RPGs don’t really work like that.

The fact is i played all alphas they launch and reading forums of alpha every day and playing so actively with some other friends. That griefing history is not true. I had really really fun in alpha, me and all my friends and other teammates we meet in alphas. And reading alpha forums i didnt see playing actively criying because they die, some random post of some PvE groups but really the majority of people enjoy the PvP freedom experience, the loot system and the Fo–rt system where u construct your clan city upgrading all crafting estations etc by your self and teammates collecting the mats, was awesome funny and alive all time.
The fact is they simply take the way of make more money selling a product that is more “safe” for global population than a game that “may be” they consider “niche” and take the easy way. The rest of grifing, alpha and blablabla is all historys to make the develpment change to Hard PvP focus game in to themepark PvE, But the truth is that all MMos that will come are aiming in to a strong PvP features – Ashes of Creation, League of legends MMO, Survival of Blizzard so… we never know if that Amazon try their original idea of a MMO more PvP focused will succed or not. And not forget that more PvP focused didnt mean PvE , always a good PvP MMO must have Good PvE too. SO… i think they did a big mistake triying to be a Wannabe of World Of warcraft.

The fact is that all of us feel when playing New World it laks something, is like an empty Soul… And is because this game need OutWorld content , And i mean PvP and PvE . Buy they remove all of them, PvP is not existent and PvE is about chest runs… Soo poor worked on here, it need tons more of PvE and PvP content in outworld. The fact is that the game has so many poor content in general instanced and opened. But the true is they now a days are focusing on add instanced content and totally forgot the real content that is repeteable and fun and is made for this game… the outworld content. New world is day by day more Queue friendly and lees Sandbox. Now witht he new matchmaking for instances will be a Wannabe of World of Warcraft but with nearly no lore, not Cinematics and poor dungeons/boses/mechanics.
Playing new world make me think about return to World Of Wacraft cause they converted in to a poor version of it so i prefer play the original one


This one did. It was entirely possible to go out and destroy people completely naked.

This is definitely among the most annoying conflations in the MMORPG space, along conflating tedium with “challenge” and time investment with “hard work.”